Passive Aggressive Soul Contemporary SeekerBy way of a comment on one of my poems a reader said, “You should try, if you haven’t already, to write a poem from the perspective of the seemingly dishonest man, as a means of reflecting his conflict. As he does hurtful things towards his own gain. Whilst noting in his heart that what he’s doing is wrong.”

Flattered by the ‘challenge’ from the reader, and grateful for my advanced studies in communication theory and practice; it was easy for me to wear “his” hat, so to speak. And so I wrote, and here I share below …

~Passive Aggressive~

Knowing it in the dark part
of his soul he whispered,
“I hear you! I know!”
Playing out his mother’s
demonic ways she had with him.
“But she’s not my mother! She loves me!”
But he pushes her away; he’s not worthy.
Using silence and trickery to torture her.
Like mom did to him, and more.
It feels virtuous making her suffer.
After all, she deserves it.
“Wait. No! Mom warrants it; not her!
Just like mom said that I did.”
He can never love her, or any other.
“Mom ensured I’d be alone forever
by destroying my inner being; damn her.”

The End Notes

I offer an article I stumbled upon in my research, which helped me put into perspective elements relevant to this poem; it highlights the characteristics of passive-aggressive personalities and how to cope with someone who exhibits this type of behavior. The underpinning in this poem is the commenter’s apparent self-awareness throughout it all; this bodes well for a potential solid recovery.

Our childhood shapes us, but we choose who we become. There is always hope. As my dad says, “Don’t limit the possibilities.”

Award for This Poem

This poem was chosen as “Pick of the Day.” The moderator’s comments I found crazy intriguing. As previously mentioned, I wrote the poem from another person’s perspective (challenged to do so). I offer the comments from the person who chose my poem, here ….

MODERATOR’S Pick OF THE DAY, a poem by Melody Jean. Loved the concept, presentation and the flow. Melody Jean .. very rarely I come across things that are really unique and this write of yours is really unique. Even with simple words you express the darkness and effect of the same on a human.. how even a mother influences the darker side in a person… and the emotional and mental struggling of the guy, that is expressed very beautifully .. specially when read between the lines.. the darkness, the realisation, the remorse, the hatred .. every emotion you convey a dishonest man would. Poetry becomes easier when we flatly express our heart .. but when we express something from someone else’s view of mind , that too using solely our creativity, then it becomes a true creation. This is why I so so much loved this write. Look forward to reading more of similar writes.



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