Why We Are Superheroes: A Super Analogy Picture“Catwomen are not contained by the rules of society. You follow your own desires. This is both a blessing and a curse. You will often be alone and misunderstood, but you will experience a freedom other women will never know. You are a Catwoman. Every sight, every smell, every sound, incredibly heightened. Fierce independence, total confidence, inhuman reflexes. You spent a lifetime caged, by accepting who you are, all of who you are, you can be free, and freedom is power.”

This opening quote is from the major motion picture, Catwoman, 2004.

Gosh, I love superheroes as is evident from the picture, here, of me dressed for Halloween as Supergirl.

I’ve written to superheroes before, yet, the opening quote regrading Catwomen?

Well, I not only feel it describes my spiritual journey, it encapsulates the entire premise of this blog post I penned below.

Human vs. Super Being

I often liken our existence in this world to that of superheroes.

We function in the everyday world as human yet we all have inner strengths, abilities, and latent capacities.

Perhaps talents, that if we understood better, and manifested, we would move mountains.

We could better not only our personal lives, but those around us.

Society Entrapment

I consider myself fortunate.

Thanks to my parents, and their upbringing, I’ve uncovered some of my hidden capacities and honed them to an extent.

For a living I am a marketing-communications fundraising professional having worked in the field for 17 years.

Recently, I’ve come to note that while what I do for a living is not my passion, I’m fortunate that some of my passions fit into fundraising.

When I say “passions,” I mean my true talents and strengths, or perhaps, better noted “my super powers.”

I feel blessed that at least I salvaged a little of this among a chaotic world that doesn’t encourage this type of exploration. Because, alas, I, too, have been enslaved by our bodily existence.

Society Squashes the Super in YOU

More often than not, society squashes our ability to determine what our latent talents or “super powers” may be.

We are forced and driven to live among the rules laid before for us – schooling for 19+ years (if you include an undergraduate college degree) followed by slavery to the 9am-5pm working world.

Unfortunately, it seems as collective beings (human beings), we’ve taken our human existence too far.

In that the majority of our human actuality is cooperatively tied to gaining individual material wealth; we’ve become ever-more less focused on united human betterment.

“Super” Children

For instance, we should be teaching our children to expound upon their “super,” and true talent within, while offering skills to survive as humans in this world.

Not stripping them of any, and all time, for personal exploration and reflection to infer what their “given gifts” may be.

More often than not, we don’t offer them enough opportunity, nor teach them how to explore this essential life force.

Rather their time from the minute they’re born is spent in sports and extra-curricular activities just to keep pace with their peers.

It’s a downward spiral of our collective power and existence as ‘light’ or ‘super’ beings.

To which we all are, of course – soul beings.

Why Must This Be So?

My dad, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, says we need to function in this world, yet we need to be able to do so in a way so that we can push it all aside from time to time and reach higher.

It’s a delicate balance – to be successful in the world, but not let it eat us alive.

This way, we retain the ability to put the stressors of our bodily existence in its place from time to time.

If we can do so, we may be able to refine our capacity and uncover who we truly are; in a sense our light or super being.

A Time to Heed Our “Super”

In the recent Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke says, “There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? The Dark side, and the Light.

Somebody, somewhere, or perhaps better said some force (maybe the force?) is working through humans to bring the message to mankind in a way that is understandable via major motion pictures, and superheroes.

After all, superheroes have it figured out – the need to balance and develop both our human and light-being.

Superhero writers have been demonstrating it for eons, yet, we haven’t heeded the call.

Another poignant example was found in the latest Avengers movie, The Age of Ultron.

Ultron says “They put the building in the middle of the city, so that everyone could be equally close to God. I like that, the symmetry, the geometry of belief.”

Unveiling the Super in YOU

You see, it’s our destiny to be both human and super.

After all, we are superheroes.

It’s worth considering. And if you do, you just might uncover even more of the ‘super’ in you.


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