Faith in My Pockets

by Melody Jean

I keep faith in my pockets.

So I’m the girl wandering with hands propelled deep, resting in jean pockets.

Yes, there they remain, seemingly digging for gold.


The Truth About The Road to Enlightenment

Many don’t like people like me. My words raw, naked, and real. I won’t lie to comfort your heart. Because, after all, enlightenment’s road is not but a summer night’s dream.  This road is often dark, frightening and so very cold. Yes. I’m aware, many don’t like people like me; prefering those who “proclaim” enlightenment’s […]

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If I Felt Well, I’d Have Done Countless Different Things; Everything Differently

If I felt well, I’d have done countless different things, everything differently. I’d pack-up my belongings time and again, in a backpack to be thrown over my shoulder, hop on planes, buses and trains to nowhere, but somewhere; yet each stop would be temporary. I’d go to Europe to wander all over; take menial jobs […]

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My Birthday, My New Year’s Eve, My Perspective

I sit here the night before my 41st birthday, all else asleep. This has always been my new year’s eve because I’ve literally survived another year. One filled with triumphs and pitfalls and pain to peace. It’s like all years; since the beginning of my existence. Life will always be comprised of those elements. I’m […]

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New Day, A New Year – I Expect Little of 2017

The day has arrived. I don’t have any expectations for this year; not for it to be better than the last or for it to be any more challenging. It will be what it will be. I can’t foretell the future. But I do know life is always going to be filled with beauty and […]

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