25 Random Things I Can(‘t) Control and Why

by Melody Jean

painted backgroundI believe that we can control very little entirely — from people, to illnesses that absorb us, to financial constraints.

As a result, that which is within our means to influence and that which is not is a struggle for many to decipher between.

One Element

Yet, I know for certain, of one element that we can control entirely, which you will glean if you read this post in its entirety. I wrote it for this purpose, the post that is. To be read entirely, not in bits and pieces.

You will miss its primary purpose if you pursue it in a haphazard manner. Yet, you’ll acquire something should you choose to forgo its entirety. What that is, I do not know. Choice is yours.

Quick Answers? You’re Jaded!

I find that many say they’re “rushed” so they seek quick answers. This results in wanting to do little work to achieve results. Even if it’s as simple as taking three minutes to read this post start to finish.

You want quick answers to complicated questions or life’s mysteries? Go for it! You’ll likely receive limited results too. No pain no gain.

I Dare You

So I dare you to do it — take three minutes to read this from start to finish. If you do, you just might find a little something that you need. Or perhaps, nothing at all <wink, wink>

Far From Complete

This post captures just 25 random instances where I know that I have some influence in the total outcome, but far from complete control.

Of course there are many more, and in fact upon examination, I think almost every instance in our lives can be dissected in detail and brought back to this notion.

Right People, Place, and Time

While we can exert some influence, we have very little control because basically everything involves other people, external entities, factors, and energies.

My dad has suggested that most things have to include the right, people, place and time for all in accord to match up.

Also, what seems right to us or what we may have been hoping for may wind-up to be completely opposite from that which transpires.

When this happens, it doesn’t mean that the outcome is not right. It just means that it’s not what we wanted, or were hoping for.

Boiling Point

I find that every instance or scenario in our life has their own yin and yang, opposite, or push and pull.

I rarely maintain that we can’t influence things, yet, there is a boiling point, or maximum threshold, to which we can.

At that time, we need to sit back and watch the cards unfold and allow all other factors to manifest.

A Fraction For Example

The instances I share here represent, really, just a small fraction of those that exist. They’re a random selection to get our thoughts and juices flowing.

I will ascertain that for all 25, I’m able to provide examples of the ways in which I can influence the outcome for each, and how I cannot. Both are needed for the final result.

I will not dissect them here so as to offer you the opportunity to examine these in relation to yourself.

Are you trying to control the wrong elements?

Do you see how you both can and can’t control the outcome entirely?

I Influence Little I Say!

I know that because of my very being, I can influence these outcomes to some degree. However, I also recognize, that at the end of the day there are other factors, in conjunction with mine, that will determine the overall outcome.

Random 25 I Can(‘t) Control

–> Relational

1. Those I love romantically, in a platonic way, and familial love.
2. Those who love me
3. Those I care about
4. Those who become close friends
5. Those friends who are fair-weather and come and go
6. Those who choose to no longer be my friend
7. Those I let go from my life
8. Those, unrelated genetically who become my family
9. Those who seemingly hurt me in some way
10. Those whom I hurt

–> Health & Wellness

11. How healthy I am
12. What I eat
13. How much I exercise
14. Which illness(es) or disease(s) absorb me
15. What physical handicaps I have
16. How well I feel overall
17. How much sleep I get
18. How stressed I feel
19. Extracurricular activities I pursue

–> Occupational/Financial

20. If I work too many hours (for my job)
21. How good I am at my occupation
22. How much money I earn & where I spend it
23. What job I hold
24. What level of education I have
25. Where I live geographically as well as physically (the dwelling)

Complete Control

So with all of this limited control swirling about, just where in this universe can we control something entirely?!

Since the beginning of man, the ancients have spoken to our individual ability to find inner peace. Each, and every person can control, via the awesome power of the mind and our subconscious, this element.

Complete Control Β at Last?!

Yes! If you know how to push aside, for a period of time, all entities in your mind, like the aforementioned 25, you will find inner peace (your mental state, mood and existence).

Yet it takes time and patience to learn how to do this — to quiet all that bogs us down emotionally, physically, and mentally. Yes, time.

Yet Oh! How rushed we are!

Time. The elusive enemy.

You want quick answers?

Don’t take time, limit yourself.

You want the superhighway to peace?

Find the time to reach higher.

Have you read this post in its entirety?

If so, perhaps, time is on your side πŸ˜‰

That’s all for today.

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Yep, I read it all! It was time well spent! πŸ™‚


Melody Jean

Awesomesauce — glad you liked it! πŸ™‚


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