28 Days of Gratitude: A Lesson in Higher Thought

by Melody Jean

Gratitude Lesson in Higher Thought Contemporary SeekerFor the month of November, until the arrival of the American holiday, Thanksgiving, I like many others decided to post daily to my Facebook page one reason that I’m grateful.

Reminders to Remember

True, we shouldn’t need reminders to remember to be grateful or thankful for those elements which the higher good helps to bring forth in our lives.

Yet, I know that the human mind, especially the conscious part, really can have a stronghold over what we think and feel.

The conscious part is caught up with the every day world — solving problems, focusing on the apparent or what appears apparent.

Gratefulness: Exercise in Higher Thought

For me this was a great exercise to transcend the conscious mind for even just that moment when each night I reflected why I was grateful that day. I’d travel to higher thought and hence a higher, or more soothing vibration.

What’s “Apparent” Leads to “Real”

I’m in the crux of some medical issues and when you’re in discomfort, it’s often hard to remember the “good.”

Doing this exercise helped me to transcend my mind’s efforts to solve, feel, and take a momentary vacation from the consumption of it.

The Sufi’s have a saying “the apparent is the bridge to real.”

I think I’m beginning to understand.

A Compiled List of Goodness

Here I share my compiled list of gratefulness, or “goodness,” for the last 28 days.

I want to say thank you Light, thank you God and thank you higher consciousness for helping me to remember.

May I continue to remember to remember. Love and light to all.

28 Days of Gratitude

Days 1-3: I am going to post daily gratitude until the American holiday of Thanksgiving. While we shouldn’t need a holiday to remember to be grateful, sometimes reminders are exactly what the doctor orders. So to play catch up for the last three days, today I am thankful thrice times. I am thankful for three very special people in my life: my mom, dad, and my beau. No details needed, just my sincerest gratitude to all of you for being you, being strong, and caring about me.

4: On day 4 I am grateful for “hope” even if the road to her door seems daunting.

5: It’s day 5 and I’ve been consumed with perseverance of late. I am grateful for the ability to preserve even when it seems to be a struggle filled with strife.

6: El sexto dia (the 6th day in Spanish). Today I’m grateful to just be able to taste, see, smell, hear, talk, and feel … thankful for all of our simple senses.

7: Gratitude, the seventh Day. Ironically I felt drawn to number seven as I began to write just now so I paused, and googled ‘number 7 definition.’ This link came up. As I read, I said, OK, that sounds like me. So I did the math and wouldn’t you know, I “AM” a number seven (in numerology). Coincidence? Nah. It’s more than that. So with this thought, I am grateful for the greater force of the universe, and well, number 7. That’s all for today.

8: Day 8. I’m grateful for being able to get to where I needed to be today. Thank you Lord.

9: Ninth day of Gratitude. I am grateful for furry little friends called dogs. My mom and dad added a new little pooch to our family today. She’s precious.

10: Gratitude Day 10. I write this with a heavy heart after hearing of the passing of someone from my college years. It helped me to remember, and be grateful for the good times with great people throughout my 37 years, and that when possible, we should try to reconnect. God bless.

11: The eleventh day: gratitude. Today is the American holiday Veteran’s Day and with Day 11, I will echo the sentiments of many on Facebook by adding my gratitude. Yet I wish to include every brave man and woman of the world who has served, or are serving their countries, and their families too (including my Grandpa and cousin). We know it’s not without sacrifice of life and health and for others it meant the loss of loved ones. Thank you for serving — this day is for you.

12: Gratitude Day 12. I am grateful for the joy that writing brings to me!

13: Day 13 of being gratuitously grateful I’m grateful for all of the helpers …that is the helper professionals (e.g. those who fix us all up). Tis all. G’night.

14: Wow. Already at gratitude day 14. Just about halfway through and not surprisingly I’ve hardly run out of things to be thankful for. It’s been a great exercise, daily gratitude. I’ve found focusing, even if for just a moment a day on gratitude, helps transcend life’s challenges. So with that, on the 14th day, I am thankful for, well, gratitude. It’s a fine, fine feeling. Have a good night.

15: Grateful on the day of 15. Today I am so, so, so thankful for old fashioned postage mail. It brought fantabulous news. A rare day to get mail and find anything other than bills. Thanks Mr. Mailman and US postal service for being the bearer of great news!

16: Day 16. Today I am very grateful that I was able to see a beautiful view today from the top of a very high mountain, and for the good people in my life. G’night.

17: Day 17 of gratitude. Today I am thankful for friends and foes … for both make us stronger. night-night y’all.

18: The 18th day. Today I am grateful that people invented gluten free products. Yes. True story.

19: day 19. I am grateful for those who are good at what they do and can help to find the answers we need. g’night fellow seekers …

20: It’s the 20th day of being thankful. At the end of a long, and tiring day of seeking answers, sometimes it’s difficult to remember to be grateful. But here I sit, eating fresh strawberries and yes, I’m grateful. Grateful for, well, strawberries … sometimes it’s the small things.

21: Amazingly I’m already 21 days into gratitude. And yes, I’m still thankful because today I had a visit from some old friends coincidence, serendipity and synchronicity. It’s amazing when some things just nicely fall together, especially when you least expect it, but need it most. Sleep tight.

22: Day 22. Grateful that we live in a world where I can have a blog like Contemporary Seeker and that I have so many fellow seekers out there … those, like of all of you, who are seeking and searching too. Sleep well.

23: Another day has come and gone: Day 23. I’m thankful for “the man upstairs” (a.k.a Allah, God, spirit, Lord, light, etc. etc.) … for when you need it most, he shall carry you.

24: So here we sit … at day 24. Today i’m grateful for the almighty google. It’s helped me to solve so many critical problems in my life and I’ve learned so much from google. Really. True story. thank ya much google (inventors)!

25: The day got away from me. Day 25 of gratitude, that is. I’m very grateful that I got to see my aunt and uncle this evening. They brought a smile to face. sleep tight seekers.

26: 2nd to last day before Thanksgiving and with that I only have a few more daily grats left. Today I am grateful for the body’s ability to rehabilitate, which provides hope. because when all the” ologists” leave you without answers, your body answers for you— note “ologists” is my term for specialists like those who end in “ologist” … otolayrngologist, endochrinologist, cardiologist, rhuematologist, neurologist, ect.

27: Better late than never  almost missed the last eve before Thanksgiving but here I sit getting ready for bed with gratitude. I’m grateful for the friends and home I’ve made over the last three years and my super special beau. Very thankful. Night-o world.

28: Its Thanksgiving so with that, I conclude my daily gratitude updates, though I will try to remember to be grateful daily. My final note here, I want to say that I’m thankful for all the special people in my life … from grade school, to high school, to college, to all the cities and towns I’ve lived and worked in professionally. Each hold a little piece of my heart, and for this I am forever grateful. Ny sincere gratitude to you all!

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