A Bucket-Load of Negative Energy: Average Person Tells 4 Lies a Day

by Melody Jean

contemporaryseeker4liesadayStatistics say that the average person tells four lies a day. Hhhhmmm … I wonder where adults fall on this spectrum? Higher or lower than say teenagers, if four is the norm?

Unfortunately we can’t get away from gossip and the lying that takes place among people or groups in general – parent groups, social organizations, places of worship, exercise clubs and the like. We see it every day during heightened political seasons among politicians who want to be our leader. It’s a sorry state and with so much of this “talk” we just have to assume much of what we hear to be fabrications and downright lies. It makes me wonder if all of this negative talk, the lying and deceitfulness, influences the energies in our collective energy system. I am sure it does to some degree. Especially if we maintain what many researchers are ascertaining is truth, we are what we think. Taking it one step further, we are also comprised of what we say and what we do.

Why We Lie

There are many reasons people lie. They may intentionally be hiding something, trying to protect you or someone else, fear they will get in trouble, assume the truth will hurt you (or them), they are embarrassed, don’t trust you, or even oddly they think they must lie (because of unwritten social rules).

Take for example the lie that statistics claim is one of the most common, “I’m fine.” How many times have you asked your significant other or friend, “How are you?” And their response, “good”, “okay” or “I’m fine.” Even if in your gut you know that something is bothering them, they don’t tell you. I think many people feel like they need to respond this way because it’s almost considered rude to spill all of your problems. Everybody despises that person who complains all of the time. This said, we often tell lies because we are almost expected to. Well, sometimes anyway.

Beware Liars Everywhere

Unfortunately, any way you slice it, people lie. It’s part of human nature, and the statistic I started this with is quite telling. Hopefully this post will serve as a great reminder. For one, we shouldn’t always believe what we hear, yet, more importantly we need to do our part by remaining as honest as possible in our dealings. This in turn will help to dissipate some of the negativity energy in our world as a result of lies and dishonesty.

My dad always says if you put a negative thought or action out into the universe and it can’t find a place to land it comes back to you ten-fold, and stronger. That’s a thought to ponder. We live in a time when lies can be spread on a large scale with the click of a mouse across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. It’s one of the realities of our world today. Yet, we have the means to change this behavior, this reality. With that, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

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