A Circle Can’t Fit Where a Square Should Be

by Melody Jean

The Biggest Heart Contemporary SeekerEver try to force something to feel right, yet it felt so wrong? It’s almost as if you are physically trying to shove a circle into a small, square hole. Try as you might it just won’t sit right. At times it seems to slide in since the circumference of a circle can technically fit inside a square if the circle is smaller than said square. Yet when all is said and done, four empty corners still remain around its edges and you feel unsettled.

Why a Circle Won’t Fit: It’s Intuition

When you feel that uncomfortability, you know the circle in a square feeling; I truly believe it’s in our best interest to heed the warning. Often I attribute the gross feeling that consumes our stomach when something just doesn’t feel right to intuition. Either it’s that, or our higher knowing. We just know it doesn’t fit, and we know this because it doesn’t feel right.

Yet, we continue to allow the circle to stay in the square hole. Whether it has to do with continuing-on in a job we despise, staying in a marriage or relationship that isn’t working, or allowing someone to monopolize our time – there are a myriad of situations where we allow the circle to stay in our square hole.

The Factor of Fear – YUCK

We do this for various reasons; and mostly out of fear. Perhaps because we want so badly for that circle to fit or we’re just tired of searching for the square that is going to align perfectly. We fear that we might not find that square, the ultimate square.

When the situation involves another, we might hesitate in ripping that circle out for fear we will hurt him or her. As well, we don’t want to deal with the fall-out from others who love that circle – they may judge us. If we mistakenly kept the circle in the square hole, and others adore said circle, they too may be angry with you.

Tearing the Circle out of that Square Hole

Yet, we can’t discount that we are intelligent beings. We are meant to assess when something’s just “off.”  It takes a strong person to act on that feeling and to make the right move.

The correct thing to do, no matter how difficult it is, is to remove that circle from your square. Brush it off as best as you can and set it out alongside you. That circle needs to find it’s circle hole and your square hole has a right to find its square.

Never Mind the Haters — Let Go

We have to remain steadfast and never, ever, let the fear whether it’s that of others, or their possible reaction(s), stop us from finding our perfect square in every situation – from significant others, to occupations, hobbies and desires.

While some may dislike you, and your decision, it’s better for others in the long run too. After all we know a circle can’t fit where a square should be. Heed the warning of the uncomfortable circle and move on. That’s all friends.

I must give credit to the band, Extreme, and their song Hole Hearted. As I faced my most recent “circle in square” incident, this song’s lyrics popped-in my head.

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