A Cycling Analogy and Moving Zen

by Melody Jean

Cycling With Wind Contemporary SeekerI had the opportunity to take my road bike for a spin recently.

Moving Zen

I love, LOVE, those moments because my mind goes to a different place.

I liken it to a moving Zen of sorts.

Along my travels I marveled at the simplicity and complexity of it all.

It’s often like that — life that is.

Simple, yet so complex.

Because if it were just simplicity in every moment, I’m not sure we’d strive for more.

The Wind at My Back

While riding, I thought how life is a lot like cycling out on the open road.

When riding against the wind, my ride seems endless.

When traveling with its mighty force, the wind supports my efforts, and Iā€™m rewarded in-kind.

Whether I ride with the wind, or against its abounding strength — everyday, I have this choice.

Yet, as I strive daily to cycle with the wind, I inherently choose peace.

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