A Cycling Analogy and Moving Zen

by Melody Jean

Cycling With Wind Contemporary SeekerI had the opportunity to take my road bike for a spin recently.

Moving Zen

I love, LOVE, those moments because my mind goes to a different place.

I liken it to a moving Zen of sorts.

Along my travels I marveled at the simplicity and complexity of it all.

It’s often like that — life that is.

Simple, yet so complex.

Because if it were just simplicity in every moment, I’m not sure we’d strive for more.

The Wind at My Back

While riding, I thought how life is a lot like cycling out on the open road.

When riding against the wind, my ride seems endless.

When traveling with its mighty force, the wind supports my efforts, and I’m rewarded in-kind.

Whether I ride with the wind, or against its abounding strength — everyday, I have this choice.

Yet, as I strive daily to cycle with the wind, I inherently choose peace.

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