A Few of My Favorite Things in This World

by Melody Jean

A Few of My Favorite Things Contemporary SeekerI was driving along the hillside earlier today; it’s such a beautiful day.

At some point I, came-to, having found my mind wandering.

When I took note, I realized I was traveling in a place abound with wonder.

I was driving, true. Yet, subconsciously I was walking through a land comprised of my most favorite elements about this apparent world.

There are so many splendors, yet, we often forget. I’m guilty, I can only guess that you are too.

This world is abundant with wonder, yes; we just need to take the time to remember.

I share, here, what I unmasked.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

My family, sunsets and rises, fresh-clean sheets, strawberries, the stars and the moon, 70 degree weather, snowy nights, astonishing mountain-sides, a bright blue sky, vibrant butterflies, nature trails, songs of crickets and cicadas on a summer night, laughter, trail walking, popsicles on a hot day, the sun’s rays, the smell of fall air, the effervescent colors of changing leaves, apple picking and baked apples, fresh cut flowers, clouds that look like marshmallows, art, my nieces’ and nephew’s giggles, rock music, the smell of roasting almonds, true friends, the ocean’s sound, camp fires, warm sandy beaches, driving in my car in the country-side, falling in love, a gentle breeze, visiting foreign lands, America, a cozy home, soaring birds, a puppy’s smell, NYC at holiday time, writing, poetry, a special wine, a dark beer, fresh vegetables, and oh, my goodness, so much more!


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One Breeze

Absolutely Amazing,
Magnificent Mother Creation !!
Angel Melody Jean,
Thanks for sharing.


Melody Jean

One breeze …. you are very welcome, and thank you for stopping and saying hello and leaving a note!


C. Victor posing

What a wonder you are, to stop and smell the roses. Your reminder to me that I once wandered among the wild things, took notice of the amazing life forms, the flora and fauna, and the universe as a whole connected pattern. Keep reminding me, lest I forget for a moment of this magnificence. Your dedicated friend, C. Victor Posing


Melody Jean

so kind C. Victor! and such a nice surprise seeing your comment, here, on my blog – so many thanks to you. keep on keeping on and keep smelling them roses : ))


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