A Fortressed Heart: No Two Loves Will Ever Be the Same

by Melody Jean

Fortressed Heart: No Two Loves Are Ever the Same Contemporary SeekerLove is so, so important to mind, body and spirit … both the ability to give and receive love. Yet, time and again I witness awesome couples that have, alas, parted ways. 

It happens for a plethora of reasons. However, the one I will speak to, here, is quite common. One feels uneasy at times, while in the relationship. It’s usually because he or she has been pained deep by a prior relationship.

So profoundly that they will (usually subconsciously) not allow themselves to be loved, or to love another again.

They will often unintentionally sabotage the relationship, their happiness and that of another. Yet, they’re not fully aware of what’s transpiring.

An Unfamiliar Kind of Love – Don’t Run!

In this case, one often unknowingly expects to feel the same affection and to be loved again in the same exact way as before.

Yet, no two loves are ever the same, especially one that follows a long term lover.

Therefore, when the feelings are not similar, or familiar, one can become confused and unsettled. They may even go so far as to build an imaginary wall around their heart.

They turn, and run, from that which could be something just as beautiful, if not better.

If this sounds familiar, I implore you not to run … read on.

The Dodger and Those Left Behind

Case in point – I thought I would never love again after one extremely painful break-up.

It was then that a confidante explained to me that I will love again, just not the same way. I’ve found this to be very true. I practice what I preach, after all <wink, wink>. I am guilty of building walls and running.

Too, I’ve been run from, and man, does it hurt. Especially when you understand what is transpiring. How the other is building that wall, brick, after brick, after brick.

As painful as it is, let him or her go. Perhaps their wall will come undone, in your time. Yet, I encourage you to move on.


It breaks my heart to see this transpire, because like I’ve said, I’ve been on both ends. Yet it’s so very common.

With that, I offer up the below poem. It originated from that subconscious place inside of me, and I share it here with the hope that it will help others to heal.

Brick-Walled Heart

A fortress around hearts

is one not to bear

Each brick placed

will ensnarl a flare


I pull one down

you put two up

Oh! But how you wish

to drink of my cup


You’re frightened and befuddled

unknowing what this unease means

So you place all of the blame

steadily upon me


You bury your light

even further deep

Profoundly casted

not within reach


You protect your broken orb

with all of your might

You’ve been pained to the core

yet now you forsake delight


I ask you to implore

the froth of love

That’s intricately yours

and as striking as a dove


It’s my wish for you

that you’re renewed whole

You’re a beautiful soul

that deserves to sow


All that you seek

in your mind’s eye

The love in your heart

that you yourself deny


I see your soul

at times with my eyes

Through the bricks and blocks

that keep you from the sunrise


The golden orb

deep within you

Allow it to love again

someone bright and anew


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Wow. Yeah…. Just yeah. Been on both sides of this and hope for better next time. Thank you for writing these words.


Melody Jean

Thanks for your note. There’s always hope … hope and faith beautiful things 🙂


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