A Hue So True

by Melody Jean

AHuePoemContemporarySeekerWhen I woke, the sky was dark. Yet, within minutes I saw a pink and purple light peeking through the blinds.

I sauntered over, peered through, and saw what you see in this photo. It took my breath away.

I paused in that moment. Soaked up its beauty. Then I turned away.

Something in me said look again. I needed to feel it’s glory one more time. When I turned back, it was gone. The sky had faded back to black.

Disappointed, I sat down, embraced my laptop, and penned the poem below.

Mother nature sent me this wondrous reminder. Live in the moment. Always, always live in the moment. Inhale its radiance. This is all that we’re guaranteed and it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

A Hue So True

A sky so gray

it stares me down

With eyes so deep

yet it carries me


When I reveal

what’s in my heart

I glimpse a light

that emits afar


Its pink and purple

melded with blue

It peeks around

a hue so true


The message is clear

and it fills my ears

Don’t fret my friend

hope’s around the bend


I turn away

to prepare for today

Then steal a quick look back

but the sky’s gone black


From gray to pink,

to purple, to blue

You have to see

what’s right before you


For if you look away

behind or ahead

You find something black

waiting for you instead


Now’s the moment

the sky shines bright

Don’t let it go

or it’ll fade to night

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It’s simply amazing the things that Mother Nature can do, all within seconds. For those who notice, she takes our breath and gives us breath all in the same instance. Yep, I’m a huge fan of her work! 🙂


Melody Jean

Well said Alaysia … I’m a big time fan too 🙂


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