A Millenia of Fear: My Humble Road to Balance

by Melody Jean

A Millenia of Fear: My Humble Road to Balance Contemporary SeekerWhen I first started this blog I promised to share the good, the bad, and even the ugly. When I penned those words two years ago, I didn’t have a clue as to how true they’d indeed become.

Despair Not!

The last few years have been all of that, and more. I share this notion without an ounce of despair. You see, it’s truly amazing where I sit.

As each day passed, and I traveled through new opportunities to learn, achieve, love and even suffer; I’ve grown closer to the light. Mostly this was unknowingly. Until, now, that is.

I’m Convinced 

I’ve been broken. However, I have also been loved and built back-up.

It’s been a trip, of sorts that can only be explained in prose, which you’ll find below. Yet, in short, I’m more convinced than ever before, that I am indeed a seeker of truth, knowledge and the higher essence.

I’m also convinced that the road to truth was never meant to be an easy one. Re-membering (in every sense) is not without dis-ease sometimes. I get it now. Because of this, I whole-heartedly believe that my life from here on out will be, well, very rich with experience <wink, wink>.

Here I share more on this latest discovery … in poetry.  As always, take what you need.

Millennia of Fears

I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes

A millennia of trepidations untold

Buried deep in my heart

Crawling in my soul


My heart began to ponder

what lurks beneath my lair

For an unruly ill-ease

was apparent everywhere


It bit, it stung

It burned, it clawed

It was deeply engrained

and there at every draw


With each poke, each prick

each image, each law

It traveled a little deeper

beneath my subconscious wall


Now I behold the secret

of how it hides its lofty flair

It’s seeded and planted inside me

so I now control its air


With a deep breath and simple exhale

It flows in and expels out

A processional freeing

embraced undoubted


I kiss it with my heart

hold it in my light

Then take it to my crown

and release it to the universal might


A wash of relief

I turn, I stare

and bid farewell to suppressions  

that imprisoned my core to despair


I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes

in many varied roles

Victim, crucifier, lover,

seductress, a sorcerer most bold


Every fiery ending

remained in my mind’s eye somewhere

Hugging my new-found insight

I’ve returned it to the depths out there


An ocean of painless freedom showers my humble essence

This design is surely of my deserving

having endured the treacherous road

to attaining an eternal balance


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