A Mothers Day Poem: I Thank My Lucky Stars

by Melody Jean

formymothercontemporaryseekerMother’s Day comes around once a year.

It’s the day when most pause to pay tribute to their moms.

I’m fortunate to have a mother who is a part of my life every day.

While I try to convey how thankful I am, regularly, with the bump and grind of life, I’m sure that I falter.

As the years go by, I realize just how lucky I am the stars aligned and I was blessed with her.

I wrote this poem to express, just a little, how she means the world to me.

I love you to the moon and back, mom.

– Lucky Stars –

There are so many things

that a mother can be.


A champion and cheerleader

a role model and guide;

the person you turn to

when it seems you can’t go on.


A leader and disciplinarian

a friend and companion;

one who loves you without abandon.


A meld of these entities is hard to find.

Yet, for me the stars perfectly aligned.


You are all of these, and so much more.

So I thank my lucky stars that it’s you I call mother.














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