A New Moon Ritual: Manifesting Your Own Reality

by Melody Jean

A New Moon Ritual: Manifesting Your Own Reality Contemporary SeekerTonight, December 21, 2014, is a special new moon because it transpires just a mere few hours after the winter solstice. If you live in America the new moon will take place at 8:36 pm Eastern Standard Time, 7:36 pm Central, 6:36 pm Mountain, and 5:36 pm Pacific.

The Dark (New) Moon

At these times across America (and the world), the new moon will be present, though not to the naked eye.

The sky will remain dark. As is such, the new moon is also dubbed “the dark moon.” This is because the moon’s lighted half (by the sun) is facing entirely away from the earth.

Manifesting With the Moon’s Phases

It is well known that if one wants to work with the moon’s phases to manifest their own reality then new and full moons are the best times in the cycle to do so.

The waxing and waning moons, too, have pull. Yet, the new and full moons hold true power.

A Moon So New

The new moon is very influential.

It’s the time to establish your intentions so that you set the stage for your goals and dreams to come true. Essentially you offer-up all of the good that you wish to bring into your life more abundantly.

During the subsequent following days, as the moon waxes (becomes larger) it is a good period to keep checking in, and acknowledging your intentions.

A Moon So Full

The full moon is the day when you release all of those elements that no longer serve you, or that you wish were not a part of your current reality.

As the moon wanes (gets smaller) in the coming days and heads towards a new moon, great opportunity still remains. You can continue relinquishing old and dreary aspects from your life. This is an excellent time to release addictions and other habits that you wish to banish.

Winter Solstice + New Moon = Reset!

The fact that the winter solstice is happening tonight just a few hours before the new moon makes this evening that much more powerful. It truly is a fantastic time to say goodbye to the old, and welcome in the new.

It’s the moment to rid yourself of those elements holding you back from transitioning into the new you. This is the optimal point to release them and to welcome in all that is worthy ten-fold.

With this combo, it’s as if we have the perfect opportunity to press “reset,” wipe the slate clean, and start anew.

A New Moon Ritual

Many often seek the best way to maximize the energies of the new moon. An important element to note is that I caution you to ensure whatever ritual that you choose to partake in, that you are comfortable with it.

You don’t just want to do something that you read and don’t really understand. So keep seeking until something resonates. I offer, too, my ritual here.

–> My Ritual

This morning, after I completed a personal session of reiki (on myself), and while I was reasonably content and clear-headed, I set about compiling my list of intentions.

I included everything that I wished to welcome into my life –now.

Each element was contained in some form of this positive, affirmative statement: “I accept _____ into my life now, or something better, for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

If you wish to follow my lead, where the blank space resides you may write anything that your heart desires. For instance if a new job is what you seek, you may consider writing:

“I accept into my life, now, the most awesome, rewarding, and fulfilling job that pays x dollars, or something better, for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

–> The Highest Good

One aspect I’d like to highlight is the anecdote that I chose to include: “for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

Often we want something, and we want it badly. However, there are times when what we want might not be in our highest good, or the highest good of someone else. Therefore, it may not come to be. In fact you don’t want it to come to fruition if it isn’t in your own personal highest good or that of any others involved.

–> Winter Solstice Additions

I also included elements a little more detailed and inclusive of the words “release” because of the added influence of the winter solstice where it’s a great time to also relinquish elements. So some statements were worded as such:

“I accept into my life the release of ________________ now or something better, for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

After I made my list, I reread it throughout the day and added a few items here and there. I wanted to keep these at the forefront of my consciousness as I entered into the evening.

 –> Quiet Contemplation

The new moon is less than two hours away and the winter solstice began, so I am ready.

At 8:36 EST, I plan to sit in a comfortable and quiet place. I will say a prayer of intent, perhaps do some deep breathing exercises, and I will read through my entire list and offer it up to the moon (or universe).

It’s been well documented that many utilize sage and other incense to cleanse, or clear their sacred area prior to the ritual. You may also wish to use candles and crystals. I will use some combination thereof. Others also compile their list during that same period, for me it works better to do it earlier.

So the choices are endless, and they are yours, my friends.

After I finish, I will sit in silence, continue to clear my mind and accept what will be.

–> Follow Up

As the moon continues to wax over the next several days, I will continue to recheck my list to see what has transpired. Once an item unfolds, I intend to cross it off.

Come the next new moon, I will begin the process over again. Starting with a complete new piece of paper and write my list anew.

I won’t just delete and add to the same list I compiled today. I’ve read that it might muddy the energies. It’s best to start fresh each new moon. Since this is something that resonated, I will abide.

My New Moon Wish for You

It’s my wish for you that you partake in this opportunity alongside me.

So if it fits your fancy, hurry, go, complete that new moon (and winter solstice) list. You never know what you may manifest — the choice is your, use it wisely!  🙂

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