A New Year’s Parable: December Thirty-One

by Melody Jean

As you gear up to celebrate tonight whether it’s in your pajamas with those near and dear or with hundreds of others in Times Square or a gala extravaganza; I offer this parable to all of you. While we shed the old, and welcome a new year it helps to remember that better people make for a better world and that this is accomplished one person at a time.

It’s my sincere hope that each of us will continue to enjoy all this world has to offer. And at the same time, with fortitude and grace, persevere through the hard times that we will continue to face together. A new year is always the perfect opportunity to renew our commitment to embracing a higher self, and a better world. We should never underestimate the warm light that our collective, positive, energy can bring to this universe.

May we continue to grow and prosper toward truth and light. Happy New Year to all.


Eve of December Thirty-One

One moment

One year

Reflection and foresight


Looking for change

seeking to change

hoping to become

what we said we would

at this time

on many past new years eves


Each eve on December thirty-one

the clock strikes twelve

with or without you

Where you want to be

where you hoped to be

where you said you would be


You play

catch up or sometimes

temporarily fall back

Start over




missed opportunities

Grasping for




and the ever transitory

elusive state of happiness



for that which society

deems you



to be whole

All the while

striving for that which

you know

is worthy and essential


Begetting want

forsaking traditional

you move forward

to the light

to your life

as it was intended


Dusting off the old

welcoming the new

and you can begin

to love you for you


Letting go of others greed

stepping back

moving forward

pausing to breathe

and finally welcoming

this rare gift

of a new year

on this eve

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