A Patterned Existence: A Unique Dialogue

by Melody Jean

A Patterned ExistenceMe: It’s the patterns.

They formulate, integrate, consolidate and, ultimately, consume your soul.

Why must we live in this patterned existence?

That Which Answers: Oh, but, little one you don’t.

Your mind and heart has been bred, led and made to believe this is the way.

For you to undo would make you unjust to the watch-maker’s hand; would it not?

If you break free, break the rhythm of time, the pattern, what is it you will leave behind?

Me: Perhaps, my patterned existence; those that checker my past?

Oh! How I wish that so!

I keep walking in this hazy maze – left, right, forward, and backwards; or maybe not.

I question if this is real.

But so it seems.

I can’t differentiate heads from tails.

My mind is clouded with trepidation in my soul and my physical body.

Why must I walk this way?

Surely there is an easier path?

That Which Answers: You have chosen this path; each of you has chains that bind.

It’s part of your human existence.

Me: Why must this be so?

That Which Answers: You would not function in the world if you did not have these lower urges that you need to rise above.

Me: But why must I be here in this existence at all?

Is it to pay dues for past deeds undone or homage to an almighty God?

I can’t fathom that to be true.

Oh! But this patterned existence!

While they differ, all humans, I see, live among patterns.

So why, here, and why now?

That Which Answers: These are the very questions where the answers can only come from within you.

I can guide you there, but I cannot give you the implicit answer.

Me: But why is that? Pray tell; don’t make me suffer any longer in this patterned existence!

That Which Answers: You create your own suffering; you imprison your own soul.

I have done no such thing.

I created you free; in fact, free as a bird.

Yet, the world to which your feet touch upon has been built by man.

I gave you the earth, the stars and the moon.

You and fellow man took the earth and made it into all that you see about you.

Together, you worked hand in hand to create your collective and individual patterned existences.

Yet, what I have to offer is still there, too.

You just can’t see it as clearly.

It’s within your grasp.

You have the capacity to undo your patterned existence.

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