A Pivotal Moment On My Journey for Truth

by Melody Jean

Driving home from work yesterday a feeling overcame me, one that’s been popping-up ever increasingly. Yet the difference this time was that the feeling was accompanied by a phrase that seemed to repeat in my mind “my hand is on the door.” Today when I woke, I remembered it and I think I was able to determine what it means. Below my friends, is an expression of what I believe to be a pivotal moment on my personal journey for truth. In sharing, it’s my hope that you get something you may need too. I really can’t explain it much further at this time so take it for what it’s worth. Love and light.

The Gate

Both exhilarated and frightened

How’s this even possible?

With confusion

My hand is on the door


One foot poised

I lean forward

Mind instructing muscles

Pull it open, please!

I’m too scared

My hand is on the door


Energy flows from mind to fingers

for the delight awaiting

I know I must know

It’s my destiny

My hand is on the door


I’ve memorized its contour

Been staring for decades

Fear ripples through me

I have to get around it

My hand is on the door


Golden doorknob glimmers

Pulsating with light

I’ve glimpsed its beauty

I need to touch it, to turn it

My hand is on the door


I jump back from its grasp

to view its glory

Overwhelmed with energy

I reach for it again, to feel it

My hand is on the door


Edges beam with light

I clench the knob

Glance over my shoulder

to what’s behind me

I have to let it go

My hand is on the door


Oh I’m terrified

holding the illumined handle

I turn it ever so slightly

I need to know what’s there

My hand is on the door


I begin to feel courage

Unlike any I’ve known before

I hesitantly pull the door toward me

to peek around its edge

My hand is on the door


It’s open just a sliver

So I can only see so far

Wanting to explore the light beyond

where the answers await me

Yet I stand here firmly

My hand is on the door


Knob in hand, door slightly ajar

Eager, yet cautious

for what’s ahead and behind

I sit here knowing

I’m bearing toward it

to step through it, to feel it, to live it

Yet my hand stays on the door

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You are a potential
waiting to bud.

You are the door
which blocks your way.
Pick-up the key.
Open the lock.

The key is inside you.

* *

There is a door standing between you and your Lord/Light. It is an illusion of many chains. You have the key and can open the latches, one by one.

Pray and one will be sent to help you push aside that which stands in your way.


Melody Jean

Thank you. Where I am now, is part of getting there I suppose, finding the key, but at least I know there is a key. It really is exciting and frightening at the same time. There is so much out there to explore and sometimes it’s hard to ascertain what is most important to read, digest, see, seek, feel, experience and onward. When it all comes at you so fast, sometimes it’s difficult to know which way to go. Through the door? Especially if you can’t seem to get it open. Or run the other way? I keep going forward toward that door, my hand is on it, I feel it and the energy, but I’m still scrambling for the key. Thanks for your note.


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