A Roughly Cut-Diamond: The Imperfection-isms of Moi

by Melody Jean

Cut Rough Like A Diamond Contemporary SeekerI remember the first time that I uttered the words “I don’t know.” It was such a liberating experience.

I was at my place of employment circa the year 2001 and a 24 year-old version of me.

Subconsciously Perfect

It was as if a 50 pound weight fell from my shoulders. Up until that point I thought that we had to know everything, especially pertaining to our jobs. If we didn’t, it was in our best interest to pretend as if we did.

I now recognize that this idea was on a subconscious level. In fact, I wasn’t even aware that I stored it in my cranium until that moment. It was then that I threw it away for good, and I haven’t touched it since.

Perfect Idealism

I believe that we all pick-up this notion along the way – perfection is what it takes. It’s the real deal. This idealism is imposed by society, on all of us. Well, I think anyway.

Yet perfect is not the answer, even the finest can do better. It has to be this way.

Far From Perfect – Like A Roughly Cut Diamond

Today I relish in the fact that I don’t know everything. Further I’m overcome with ironic relief when I remind myself just how far from perfect that I really am. I take comfort and solace in this.

It lessens the need to feel as if we have to live-up to some grandiose expectation imposed by society and others. So yes, I know I’m flawed. I’m like a roughly cut diamond.

Of course knowing this doesn’t provide a license to forgo efforts to be the best that we can be. I like to excel, love to achieve, and I adore manifesting all good things. However, I also know that this isn’t possible all of the time because we’re human too. So that we’re not perfect, is just, well, perfect <wink, wink>.

The Imperfection-isms of Moi

In one of my happenstance states of reminder I created “Melodic Imperfection-isms,” which you’ll find below. It’s here that I share my first-class, laundry list of imperfections.

Oh my, how I love the “imperfectness” of them all! I share these because perfect is boring, and to let you know that it’s okay to be imperfect too.

Melodic Imperfection-isms”

I eat an immense amount of dark chocolate and drink too much soda and coffee.

I routinely break massively expensive items and subsequently spend too much money on repairs.

I regularly leave behind paid groceries at self-check-out and withdrawn cash at the ATM.

I lie and say that I’m 5 feet tall when really I’m 4 feet and 11 inches.

I’ll tell it like it is, but only if the person can handle it, otherwise I’ll plead the 5th and slink away.

I’m partied out, normally in bed by midnight and don’t think I’m missing anything.

I’m rarely on time, to anything other than work meetings, no matter how much I plan. True story.

I can talk ears off, but contrary to popular belief, prefer to listen.

I enjoy eating late night regardless of the dietary laws that warn us that it’s bad to do so.

I leave lights on in rooms that I’m no longer in (on accident) no matter how much I try not to.

I have a lot of energy, but only until about 10 o’clock, then it’s rapidly downhill from there.

I don’t like to dance at all really, but will relent and ‘slow dance’ once in a blue moon.

I often catch only 75% of what people say, sometimes it’s less, yet every time I realize that I missed nothing at all.

I’m glued to my computer and a fan of hanging out alone sometimes.

I don’t drink to obliteration and become tipsy on two sips of wine.

I sleep too little, work too much, stay up too late, and get up too early regardless of how tired I may be.

I won’t listen to dance, rap or hip hop, only alternative, classic, contemporary or basic rock.

I forget to close the refrigerator door for long periods of time when cooking.

I think unconventionally and realize I’m scrutinized sometimes for it.

I get consumed in writing and can get lost in a land filled with wordsmith like riddles … for hours.

I thrive on change, but work to balance in rationality – most times.

I prefer not to lead a group, but will do so if nobody else is able or willing.

I’m analytical and think both linear and abstract depending on my mood, for better or worse.

I think people who drive too slow are more dangerous than those who drive too fast.

I exercise tons, neglect rest, and run on adrenaline until I wear myself down, crash, and burn.

I work best when given autonomy and creative freedom, and dislike being stifled.

I like to analyze and formulate complex theories and desire efficiency.

I’m aware of my limitations and what I don’t know, which is a lot.

I take big risks and sometimes lose big as a result.

I’m hard to read, somewhat emotionless at times, yet those with patience see the real me.

I sometimes stress, worry, become sad, hungry, upset, lonely and tired.

Finally, I know that I’m far from perfect and that this is okay, because I’m human too.

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Wow! I’m not alone! I feel so much better! 😀


Melody Jean

Haha! Yes! Good news too, from what I’ve heard … we’re never alone 🙂


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