A Thunderous Wave: Pain to Comfort and Back Again

by Melody Jean

Thunderous Wave Pain to Comfort Contemporary SeekerTime is funny like that.

It affords opportunities to experience happenings in a small instance. So fast, it’s “in a blink of an eye.” 

It offers too, larger, more enduring time frames of months, to years, to decades, to a lifetime.

All the Difference in the World

Depending on circumstance comprised of our mindset, physical and emotional health, and many other elements, the duration of each experience, whether it’s just for a split-second, or a lifetime, can make all of the difference in the world.

Amazingly too, something that transpires in a nanosecond can actually trip-up people for a lifetime.

You see, we’re not promised beautiful moments in every breath. Yet, we’re surely guaranteed both pleasure and pain throughout our time in this wondrous place.

Time is like the beauty of a thunderous wave that strikes the shore bringing us from pain to comfort and back again.

Suffering in Silence — Oh, but I Still See the Beauty!

Some suffer silently for long durations due to chronic health problems or other obstacles. Yet, they learn to transcend the lengthy discomfort by focusing on each smaller, more pleasurable happening. It’s what carries them through.

On the flip-side, others suffer through every moment unable to find the beauty that can be found in each, thus creating their own eternal misery.

With these thoughts I offer up this poem I penned this morning.

Love and light to you all.


From Pain to Comfort & Back Again


All we have

is every moment

Each unique

in its own vein


Some glorious


Big or small

Adventurous or boring

Oh, how I marvel

the endlessness of them all


Simply defined by shells

of their outer cores

From one to the next

we’re transfixed

to ensure each moment’s happy

for the latter is too much to digest


I find myself in a juxtaposition

left, right, up, down

for each moment changes

offering little semblance of sense


From pain to comfort

and back again

My physical body guarantees

that this is how it will surely be


So I move moment to moment

filled with hope

even while crippled by circumstance

that brought me here once again


I will myself to remember

that each instance is its own entity

Good or bad, happy or sad

Yes, this is true for all across the land


So when in a swirl of bliss

Don’t forget to hold tight

It’s your memory of that moment

that carries you in lows of fright


For it’s that tiny pearl of faith you see

Which affords relief

until we reach the contented place

where we’ll shimmer bright eternally

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