A Walk in Awareness: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

by Melody Jean

IMG_20150416_184620I decided to do something different on my walk tonight through my neighborhood.

And that was to photograph anything that caught my attention, in anyway, whether because of its breathtaking beauty or because it provoked a thought. In so doing, my level of awareness went to great heights. Sensors were on — it was fantabulous <wink, wink>.

I share, here, what was there for me to “see,” and a few select photos, from the trail …

1. Children playing outside with their parents, riding their bikes — it reminded me of the way it was when I was young before technology took strong hold.
white fence2. A beautiful white picket fence — is this the American dream we all longed for, “the house with the white picket fence?” Or is it an illusion, or even more perplexing, a barrier?
flagweb3. The American flag — it’s beauty waving in the wind, it reminded me to relish in the freedom of all that this life affords and I felt gratitude for the flag’s beauty and for those who make freedom possible.
IMG_20150416_1821284. Flowers and trees of all shapes and sizes — they’re abound and blooming leaving the winter behind. It’s as if we are all coming alive.
duck contemporary seeker5. The duck wading by the pond — how he was just there, seemingly relaxed, and enjoying the evening. Much as I was reminded to do, alongside Mr. Duck 🙂
bumper sticker6. The funny bumper sticker “how’s my driving? call 1-800-eat-shit.” If you can’t laugh and don’t have humor, you will have nothing …
IMG_20150416_181030web7. The glorious sky filled with sun and clouds. How it looks like the heavens are shining down on us. Protecting us, leading the way. I can never get tired of the glorious sky.
8. The farm, literally dispersed throughout my neighborhood. There are reminents, or bits and pieces, of the farm with housing developments intertwined — a field house here, a hay stack there. Reminding me how this was once all farmland, yet, now, together, we live.
9. The mother on a walk with her two children in a stroller. I wondered if she knew how blessed she is.
IMG_20150416_18160310. A pink jump rope in the front yard flashed me back to my sister and I taking turns as kids. Jumping rope — so much fun, and so much easier as a kid, haha.
IMG_20150416_18171911. The simple black and white rock I picked up on my travels and held the whole way. The texture and feel reminded me that I am here, it is now, I am real.
IMG_20150416_18335012. The bird perched at the top of the tree, alone, looking out into the eve. He looked as if he was searching for answers … I think we all are.
13. At midpoint on one of the hills I climb on my walk on the path. There were days when it was all I could do to get up it. Today, it seemed filled with much more ease. Thankful for baraka (grace).


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Sean Michael Kelly

Thank you!!


Melody Jean

You are very welcome SMK… truly. 🙂


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