A Wish This Christmas Eve

by Melody Jean

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s truly hard to deny the holiday spirit this time of year. While I am not religious, there is no denying the love and light that permeates the core of humanity during this beautiful time. We are coming up on a new year, which is always a perfect time for reflection. Even through the craziness of those who want to make their most cherished happy, we can find peace. I offer up this poem to all of you. It’s a Christmas wish (or holiday wish if that makes you more comfortable). With this, I hope for you much love and light during this blessed time, regardless of religious orientation. May you cherish those near and dear.

A Christmas Wish

I’ve wished upon

a star so bright

and a shooting star

across the night sky


Holding a clover

with four leaves

I’ve shared my wishes

until eternity


I’ve wished upon

the good fortune

said to come from

the foot of a rabbit


And as I gently blow

stray eyelashes

from a finger’s tip


Annually I invite

the candles adorning my cake

in my birthday wish to partake


I’ve even wished upon

a lady bug

For these little creatures

Are said to bring good luck


I wish upon so much you see

All those things

which mankind ensures

will bring my wish to me


To no avail here I sit

holding still tightly my little wish


Perhaps it just isn’t the time

for my wish to truly align


It’s said in his and not in mine

yet maybe I need to hone

what is divine


It’s true that possibly

I seek in the wrong place

for my wish to show

his beautiful face


Perhaps I need to wish within

ask for all to finally begin


This time of year

is when spirits are bright

and it’s rumored

we’re surrounded by

a powerful light


Tonight I plan to hone this light you see

that stems from our inner core

of love and light in thee


At the end of each day

this is what we have

when the stars and lady bugs

come to pass


So I invite you this Christmas Eve

To wish upon the light

Inside you and me


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Beautiful sentiment. Your light shines bright!


Melody Jean

Mike, I appreciate your kind words, thank you!


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