All Emotions Stem from Love and Fear

by Melody Jean

SEmotions Stem from Love and Fear Contemporary Seekercience, experience and people allude that every emotion can be traced back to love and fear.

My father has said this to me for a long time. Yet I always gave it limited attention.

It’s Seemed Too Simple

It just seemed too simple of a sentence for a complex thought. So as is my nature, I pushed it aside.

Interesting too, my dad said that when he was presented with this idea, he dismissed it as well. That is, until something within beckoned him to “check it out.”

So recently, for some reason the desire to examine this notion a little further came to the forefront.

I find that the most practical way to examine any thought, idea or suggestion is to examine it in relation to ourselves. So I did!

My Research

In my search, I came across a lot of material covering this topic, which was surprising in its own right. Yet among all that I found, the site that captured it the best, is called From the Stars. While not a very high-tech or savvy website, in the least, it hit the nail on the head.

If you just take one minute to review the list of words on this site that are associated with each word love or fear, it’s quite telling.

They underscore the premise that thoughts rooted in fear will produce one kind of manifestation on the physical plane. Where as thoughts rooted in love will produce another.

Neal Donal Walsch’s Viewpoint

The site paraphrases aspect by Neal Donald Walsch that warrant further examination. “All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions… fear or love…

“Every human thought, and every human action, is based in either love or fear… Yet if you knew Who You Are – that you are the most magnificent, the most remarkable, the most splendid being God ever created – you would never fear.”

“You have been taught to live in fear. You have been told about the survival of the fittest and the victory of the strongest and the success of the cleverest. Precious little is said about the glory of the most loving.”

A Side Track Thought? Perhaps

As a sidebar to the topic of this post, I couldn’t help but notice that finding the website above also evoked another thought.

It’s almost a symbol, an example. It depicts in a tangible way how we often view elements of this world.

While the website is not particularly appealing to the eye, it’s the content and make-up that gives it value.

Yet, if I just went upon appearance, I would have dismissed this website entirely, as you may too. Why? Because all humans are guilty of doing this.  In so doing, however, I may have passed-up something worthwhile. You still may too.

So take from this what it’s worth. Perhaps it’s just an idea that you entertain for a bit or you may provide it more weight.

In either case, if you do pursue this thought, especially in relation to yourself and uncover some wonderful gem of knowledge, I hope that you will share it here!

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