All I Know Is That I Do Not Know

by Melody Jean

What I Don’t Know

Sometimes I think the answer is not knowing. We don’t know what will happen for the most part. How can we know? I’m not a fortune teller, a mind reader or a psychic. Perhaps we’re not meant to know. This again, I do not know.

What I Do Know

What I do know is that in reality, I can control very little. Therefore, I don’t know much for certain.

In the same vein my actions and responses to life happenings are my decisions. I have the power over whether or not I try my best in all aspects of my life (family, friends, relationships, career, artistic development, service, etc.).  It’s also up to me if I apply for a job to garner an interview and then accept said job if offered; end a relationship; move to another state; or anything else similar in nature. I can also decide if today will be a good or a bad day. It’s a mindset, I can control this. I’m in charge.

My Friend Named Faith

When I work to be the best human being that I can be and stay positive; while I don’t know all the answers or the future, I can sit back and trust in faith. Because in the end, this is all that I really have or know for certain.  I believe in something higher. I’ve felt this essence and therefore, I know it’s real. This is what pulls me through. It’s what makes me feel safe and warm. So while I know that I do not know much, one things for certain, I have faith.

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