An Ode to My Cousin: We’re All a Little Cracked

by Melody Jean

We Are All A Little Cracked Contemporary SeekerA conversation I had with my cousin recently reminded me of something my dad has shared time and again, “Show me someone whose life has been easy, and I will show you half of a person.”

Cracked and Proud

My cousin spoke of a difficult experience her daughter had at school. Regardless of her own heartbreak in hearing the story, she remained calm. As a result, she was able to comfort her daughter and make her feel safe.

I said to her, “You’re a good egg.” She said, “Even if I’m cracked?” I smiled and replied, “Especially because you’re cracked. Nobody gets out of childhood without bumps and bruises. It’s the nature of the beast. So let’s be cracked and proud!”

In her typical, humorous way she said, “I love my crackiness.” And I love my cousin.

We’re All a Little Cracked

We all grow-up traveling different paths. Yet one thing remains the same: nobody, nobody has an easy ride through life. We’re all a little cracked.

I think too often people believe life is supposed to be perfect. When it falls short of that, if they tripped and fell from time to time, or even if they were pushed-down (figuratively of course), they somehow feel slighted still today.

–> Your Bags

Many adults carry baggage from their past. They blame family, friends, society and circumstance for the hang-ups and insecurities that they still don today, their “cracks” if you will. I really don’t believe this is fair, or healthy. To blame that is.

Sure we may have been wronged, hurt, and perhaps in considerable ways. Yet, we have the power to change and to move past it. More importantly, we have the power to forgive those who are forgivable. I say forgivable because I recognize some things are impossible to forgive (i.e. someone taking the life of a loved one, etc.). Yet, that’s when we have to travel deep. Find a way to carry-on and at the very least, let go of the anger.

We’re responsible for ourselves and our own happiness. Blaming, instead of looking for ways to move on, or forgive is really the reason for most people’s undoing.

Embracing Your Crackiness

While we have cracks, we’re not broken. Those cracks too, make us who we are.

So in keeping with my cousin’s sentiment, I say – let’s embrace our crackiness. Be thankful for those cracks because they provide character.

We’re all a little cracked you see. Yet those cracks are what make you, you, and me, me.

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George Taus

Hi Mel
You really write some great stuff – keep up the fine work !!
Say hi to your folks
Cousin George


Melody Jean

Thanks George – will do! I appreciate your kind words too 🙂



wonderful and so true! thank you!


Melody Jean

thanks — glad you enjoyed it!


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