Astrology: A George-Jetson-Like Theory or Truism?

by Melody Jean

Astrology: Truism or George Jetson Like Theory Contemporary SeekerAstrology and The Scopes of Horror

It’s my birthday this month. While I don’t read my horoscope daily, actually I read it almost never; something recent prompted me to start exploring the world-wonder of Astrology. It interests me on multiple levels. From the sheer entertainment perspective all the way down to the actual science – the alignment of the planets, their influence, and such.

It’s amusing reading my horoscope, if for nothing else, but than to see what it says. It’s this humor factor that initiated my play on the words above deeming horoscopes as “The Scopes of Horror.”

If positive I usually embrace it and think, “Ahaha, great! Look forward to it – bring it on!”

If negative, I usually dismiss it saying “Well it’s not true anyway. I mean after all there are 12 signs in the Zodiac so 1/12 of the world’s population is reading this today applying it to their lives. How can it possibly hold true for all of us?”

So for me, horoscopes are funny like that, I can take it or leave it.

Terms of Aquarius

Yet, there is something different that comes to light when I read the personality and emotional traits of those born in my zodiac sign, Aquarius. I’d say that 85% if not more are spot-on (for me). This my friends, is what grabbed me.

How can it be that the traits outlined really help to explain me? Is there some truth to the fact that the almighty universe, the energy and the stars alignment on the day or time that I was born has influenced who I am?

There are so many other factors to take into account – where I live, family, education, friends and life experiences that help to create who I am, my very essence.

Yet, can the planetary activity and it’s correlation to the science of mankind bear some weight? Is that energy, the Aquarian energy, a part of the make-up of little ol’ moi?

It’d Kinda George-Jetson-like

Many maintain that we interact with our world daily on various levels – from itty-bitty energy particles, to the awesome gravitational pull, to quantum theory, to the theoretical, to philosophical, and more. We respond or react to a wide range of energies swirling around, much of which has yet to be fully explained by the wonders of science.

Aside from our most current generation, we all can remember the days when the mere thought of using energy or frequencies to create a grand wireless network for phones and internet connectivity was almost George-Jetson-Like to imagine. Not impossible, just improbable.

Yet, here we sit in a world where we can always be “in-touch.” So if this holds true, can we speculate that perhaps astrology has some merit beyond just parlor games of daily horoscopes and the like? I am beginning to think so; especially because I can see how the water bearer traits of the elusive Aquarius might be a part of my make-up.

Basic Info on Astrology

According to, the traditional view that many astrologers hold-up is that each planet is the body and expression of a spiritual being (god; goddess; guide) which are the expression of the life-force. They affect and guide the destinies of life-forms on this planet.

The process is designed to bring self-awareness and redirect our karmas to higher planes, despite trip-ups along the way. Remedies to ensure a smoother ride, so to speak, include gems, herbs, rituals, talismans and the like.

They also assume that karma is not a fixed fate, for we exist in a spiritual matrix, which can be focused, restructured and recomposed by the use of skillful means.

Some astrologers believe that planetary activity affects events in our lives and our reactions to events, people and places. Others further maintain that we are all connected to some extent by energy.

In Summation

So is this all hocus-pocus, mumbo jumbo, or is there some validity to it? I don’t know entirely, but what I do know is that the uncanny applicability of the Aquarian traits to my make-up underscores my need to at the very least explore this a little more. If for no other reason, of course, than to learn something new or perhaps a greater reason – to learn more about me.

As always, I will share with you, what I find. In the meantime, from one contemporary seeking seeker to another … may your planets ultimately align!

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