Balancing My Soul System

by Melody Jean

Balancing Soul System Contemporary SeekerI write because I need to write. Sure there is pleasure in it, but mostly I do it because if I don’t allow myself time to do so, I don’t work properly.

Soul System

It’s almost comparable to a plumbing system, which I call my soul system. When I’m writing regularly, whether it’s just my thoughts and ideas, or full-on poems, sonnets, stories, and the like, my system runs smoothly.

Mucky Leaks

If I stop, or take a break then my pipes get all mucky and backed-up. The energy, which I liken to water, then must find another way to escape and leaks begin. When the leaks begin I then become the chaser … trying to fix the leaks.

The same is true with my spiritual development. If I seek appropriately I feel better. A strong sense of faith in something greater begins to take hold and I see the beauty in every aspect of every little thing.

Everyday Blockage

When I discontinue learning for a time, and get caught up in the everyday world on a regular basis (work, chores, obligations, ongoing problems) things start to leak again. If I get enmeshed in a monotonous routine – wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, see my boyfriend (if I have one) and go to bed, and continue this daily for weeks on end; I get backed-up. A blockage ensues.

I need to continue writing and seeking within myself and outside into the universe to ensure constant flow.

Balancing the System

Sometimes I have a difficulty balancing these two factors (the apparent world and our higher world explorations). Yet, I think this is the plight of our souls in a sense.

The apparent world, the here and now is just that; here. It’s right before us, not transitory or illusive like the journey into the world of our higher minds. So it’s easy to get caught up in it especially since we need to participate in the world to survive.

We have no choice but to remain active, valuable members of society. Serving as friends, parents, significant others, co-workers, bosses, etc, Yet, it can’t come at the expense of our inner journey. The artist in us must have the opportunity to spring forth regularly.

When it Runeth Smooth

We all must ascertain that which brings us closer to our soul and hone this. For me it’s writing. Once we identify it, we should allow our minds to go to that place. That place somewhere higher.

It keeps the plumbing system, your soul system, running smoothly. As a result you benefit, the people in your life benefit, and the universe benefits.

That’s all for today. Seek on my friends.

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The outward doth
from the inward roll,
and the inward dwells
in the Inner Most Soul.

-Burgoyne, Light of Egypt


Melody Jean

Beautiful, thanks for sharing Dad, loved it!


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