Be Holiday-igious: Put “Unpleasantries” Aside for the Holidays

by Melody Jean

Be Holiday-igious Contemporary SeekerDecember is one of several months throughout the year, which hosts numerous holidays across various religions. From Hanukkah (Chanukah), to Christmas, to the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and more; it seems there’s something for everyone.

Not Religious But Holiday-igous

While not religious, I enjoy the holiday-igious feeling just the same. Especially Christmas, since this was the religion my parents chose to raise me.

It affords me the opportunity to spend time with those dear to me, so it’s a special few days (or weeks). And again, yes, I know holiday-igious is not a word, but I like it, it’s my word, tee hee.

A Simple Holiday-igious Wish

For those who partake in holiday-igious activities, I wish for you, and yours, that you can find the strength to transcend, for the holidays, those “things” that bog you down. Whether it’s health, financial, illness, romantic, familial, or others. Even if for just a few moments so that you may enjoy all else that surrounds you. And further, so that all else that surrounds you, can enjoy you too. I know this is no easy feat because we all have our ailments, but if you can, oh what a gift you will bring to you, and yours!

Leap the Faith

You see it’s a leap of sorts. One where where you need to set the mind free. You hear the ho-a-ho-hum, or the ring-a-ding-dum, or the buzz-a-woo-woo, or the eeeh-eeeh-eh, or whatever ailment your body and mind manifests.

Hearing Beyond Your Pain

Yet, I invite you to join me, and try to hear beyond your pain. The laughter, the love and joys and of others. I am going to do so, if not for me, but for everybody else around me.

I plan to Will it to something higher, through this request:

Dear Higher Consciousness,

I want to thank you for this chance to enjoy those around me and that you have afforded me with this time to spend with them. Please help me to transcend my ailment(s) for at least this short period. I want to fully embrace myself in the beauty of others’ light, your light, and these moments so fleeting. Thank you.

Peace and light to all.

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