Betrayal Breeds Darkness – Yet I See The Light

by Melody Jean

A fraudulent intent, however carefully concealed at the outset, will generally, in the end, betray itself. –Titus Livius

Why, WHY, must there be people like this? Betrayers – they’re everywhere, and the plethora of them does not lessen as we age. The names and faces change, but the game is the same – they’re among our parent groups, religious organizations, workplace, friends, clubs, gyms – you name it. One minute you are arm in arm with someone and the next, unbeknownst to you, they are either plotting to “bring you down” or have already started the process to do so. It could be via the spread of malicious or petty rumors, or through some other tactic equally betraying. This issue has been around since the beginning of time too. From Jesus and Judas to Macbeth, it’s very real and seemingly a part of some people’s make-up.

What Good Comes From Being Betrayed?

It really is almost unfathomable to think that anyone can possibly gain anything by talking about others, excluding, or spreading rumors. It’s such a dark character trait when you think about it. How someone can even conceptualize that good comes from behaving like this. Just sitting around, conjuring up lies or plots to hurt someone.

Sadly, I’ve realized, the perpetrator is likely doing it to hurt you, gain something or they believe that you did wrong in some way. Rather than speak to you like an adult, if they believe you wronged, they behave juvenile. People make mistakes, and rather than deal with this and try to work it out, they just begin the process of bringing you down. In a sense, you almost have to feel sorry for these human beings that do this to others, because they are such poor examples. This may sound harsh, but it’s reality. Especially for adults who are certainly old enough to decipher right from wrong.

—> Thank You Betrayer – You Helped to “Build Me Up Baby!”

I think that hands-down one of the biggest pills to swallow is betrayal. Whether it be a “friend” or co-worker, the pain is the same. With this said, I can highlight one positive aspect, which I know for sure that I take away from experiences like these even though it’s usually just down-right, disgustingly messy. It makes me stronger, better in some ways having endured and survived someone’s ill will. Whether it be out of jealousy, spitefulness or some other motive, those who try to break you down in some way actually help to build you up, make you more powerful. Ironic, no? It’s almost as if they’re drinking of poison and expecting the other (me or you) to perish.

How Do We Stop Someone Like This?

Unfortunately backstabbers, betrayers, and the like are usually very determined – especially those who do it constantly. This makes it extremely difficult to stop them. They usually do what they do because they are jealous of you, feel threatened by you because they feel that you are ahead of them in some way, or they like to feel power in controlling others and have no problem using you as the pawn.

The bottom line – life is too short to be brought-down by someone who has a low self-esteem, is jealous of you or is power hungry. Betrayal breeds darkness, but yet I see the light. We have the ability to control how these things play out once we are aware of the game. It’s like that old saying, “fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me.”

If we associate with hurtful people, or come across them in our endeavors – groups or work – it’s our responsibility to change the situation. Sometimes it will be easier than others depending on circumstance, but in the end good usually prevails. As Titus Livius alluded to in his quote that I opened this post with, the truth usually always bears its soul. In the meantime, we don’t owe anybody anything by keeping them close if they don’t have our best interest at heart. Yes we are seekers of truth, love and light, yet we can’t ignore that there is darkness out there. As many a wise men have stated “keep your eyes wide open,” my friends. That’s all for today.

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