Birthday-Suit Time So I Share My Greatest Gift

by Melody Jean

Today is my birthday. In reality it’s just another day, in another year, in the life of well, me. It’s another moment in time that’s here today and will be gone tomorrow. Yet birthdays can serve as a perfect time for reflection. For me I see the whole picture, but if I just focus on this year past; it was one filled with many triumphs and pitfalls which took me from pain to peace. That essence, by the way, is the main premise of this blog. It’s the chronicle of my journey for truth and higher knowledge through triumphs and pitfalls from pain to peace. I really do plan to cover it all from the good, to the bad, and even the ugly.

I feel as if last year was all just the finale to one show. A 37 year-long show. At the same time it’s also the opening act of another. You see, every beginning has an end, and new beginnings come from an end. Life’s cyclic like that. Because of the intensity to which I devoured aspects, situations, and issues last year, I was forced to seek inward. It happened fast and some situations were so intense that I had no choice really. When I came up for air I was blessed with the idea to create this blog. I think this blog is one of the great gifts bestowed upon me from the almighty creator above. This gift though really is my gift to anyone who takes away even one little morsel of value in what they find here. The following sonnet my fellow seekers, is what I see today.

Steps to Reality

In every moment every step

I glance about without regret


I am who I am because of who I’ve been

It’s that being innate, that lurks within


My mind, body, soul and heart

It’s through these aspects that I deeply impart


What I have to give you, and take from you, for me

It’s now or never that I seek the ultimate reality


Day to day I strive for best

to perfect all at your bequest


For you created the throws that are me

yet I adorn the polish effervescently


I proceed the way to the final show

with beginning and ends still unknown


I seize the possibilities of this grand bazaar

manifesting my creation from near to afar


Walking the steps in this world that we see

yet now doing so with a desire for reality

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