Boston Terror: Through Smoke There’s Light, A Tale of Two Perspectives

by Melody Jean

Boston Terror Darkness and Light Contemporary SeekerThe Boston Marathon Bombings. A tale of two perspectives — through the smoke, I saw light.

Initial Perspective

While living in Boston I spent many Marathon Mondays as a spectator on the sidelines with friends and my fellow Bostonians.

My instinctual, or first, reaction upon hearing of the bombings was simply sadness. I was sad for my friends and family living in Boston who were probably pretty shaken-up, if not terrified by the event. I was sad for the city, our country and for mankind as a whole.

At that moment I could only do what one can from hundreds of miles away. I stopped what I was doing, said a prayer and began to send good thoughts and love to all affected by fear, injury, death, or the loss of a loved one. I also reached-out to those I personally know via email, text and phone.

Yes, it was another sad day for all of us.

A Subsequent Perspective

As I continued to muddy through my work day obligations, I longed for a moment where I could be one with the tragedy. That is figure out where it fit in, in my reality. Once I silenced the outside world I came to this:

Through the smoky clouded streets of Boston a ray of light shone bright with hope for humanity. This light was brighter than the aforementioned darkness. It billowed down in the form of the hundreds of selfless acts among first responders, strangers and fellow humans who chose to rise higher, above self, to help, love and assist others. One person at a time, there is hope that as a race we will continue to rise higher. Hold those you love a little closer tonight. God bless.

Purposefully Opposite

From darkness comes light – one is not without the other.

Through the smoke, there was a light brighter than any other we’ve seen before. While I was saddened and felt dark, I was also hopeful and was warmed by the light.

Two ideas at opposite ends of the spectrum melding together in a seamless whole.

Two Perspectives and One Thought

Someone said to me yesterday, “I accept and expect tragedies to happen. We live in one of the safest places and safest times in history, but the world in general is a dangerous place and our lives can end, really, at any moment. It just emphasizes how precious life is and how little time we have.”

To this I say touché.

Our two sentiments, literally two perspectives, from two different people, I think collectively sum-up similar idioms. Hence it is safe to ascertain that many feel as we do.

Loving, Helping and Enjoying the Moment

We should expect and accept tragedy to happen. While we may be saddened by it, we also must push beyond to the hope that it brings forth and the light.

Living in a bubble of fear, or holding back our life endeavors is not the answer. There is too much that we do not know and therefore have little control over. What we saw on the streets of Boston yesterday is case in point.

The only aspects that we can control are those within our grasp. Helping and loving others whether in need or because they hold a significant place in our lives and maximizing every moment with those who we enjoy. These are elements that we can control, and they’re key to our existence.

So yes, through darkness comes light. It’s yin and yang.

God bless all of those injured, or who lost their lives or that of someone they loved to this senseless tragedy. May you find grace to endure and move forth toward the healing light. I continue to send love and light your way.

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