Brussels Bombings — Again I Remember

by Melody Jean

Flag of Belgium Contemporary SeekerThe bombings in Brussels this morning, March 22, 2016, hit me like a ton of bricks.

Empathic “Me?”

I’m not so sure I believe in “empaths” in the esoteric sense.

That is someone who literally feels and “takes on,” the pain and suffering of others.

Yet, I do subscribe to it in theory.

There are those who “feel” the pain for the world, others and society.

They “sense” it in their bones.

Some can become physically ill from it.

Illnesses can be chronic in nature or fleeting; depends on the situation and person.

The Sadness

Today’s bombings slammed me so hard, I’m “literally” dizzy and nauseas; even more so than normal.

It took great strength for me to move.

I didn’t want to think. I didn’t want to come to work.

In fact, I didn’t want to see another human soul.

It was overwhelming sadness I felt.

In that moment, I needed to find the hope.

For there is hope in everything, so I prayed.

The Reminders

This morning’s terror antics reminded me once again everything I think is “real,” is not so.

That is, the material elements of this apparent world – the “tangible” and “touchable.”

While they’re necessary for survival, I was reminded, in the end there IS something greater, an essence higher.

As well, I questioned how so many can fall so far from grace.

Here I share in poetry, which is the way I handle many of these “queries.”

‘A Stoic Reminder’

I was reminded today …

Of the sinister nature of some who walk this plane.

Of the love bestowed by those who rise-up in tragedy.

That our time in this world is fleeting and I’m not so sure I mind.

That terror is in the hearts of humankind – for some it’s the impulsive urge to destroy, for others it’s the fear of being shattered.

That there are opposing forces – good and evil, love and kindness and darkness and light.

That we all have the ability to cross the line to the other side.

We can walk from darkness into the light or tend the trail vice versa.

Yet, one element is apparent – the opposing forces will ultimately destroy or unify us.

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