Can Science Explain What We Call God, Higher Power or Higher Energy?

by Melody Jean

So often we struggle to make sense of things, almost everything in fact. From seemingly insignificant mysteries like why we use mayonnaise in tuna salad instead of ketchup; to much more significant wonders, like the death of a loved one. There is little that the human mind won’t contemplate, especially those life happenings that seem ultimately ironic.

For example, the minute that you decide to stop focusing all of your emotional, mental and physical energy on finding the one someone tantalizing appears before you, who you must explore. Coincidence?

Why when you go to the store to buy an item needed direly for a recipe, and low and behold you get there, and just one remains. Is this just good luck?

Or why every time you look for something that is missing; it’s always in the last place that you decide to look (there is a reason for this one … I figured it out; ask me sometime, ha!). Is this just ironic?

I often ask myself can these things, which we just chalk-up to coincidence, good fortune, or irony, in fact be something higher at work here? I tend to think so. You’ve heard me mention before that I believe our thoughts are energy, and that everything is made of energy. I even sometimes entertain the idea that God/ Higher Power/ Allah/ Buddha/ Jesus Christ, and all other entities that humans have come to believe in are energy in a sense. So if we entertain that all of those aforementioned ‘beliefs’ are in fact energy (I am not saying to accept it permanently, just entertain it for a moment); then maybe those scientific gurus, who ascertain that there is no higher thing and that everything is explainable by science, might be right to some degree too. Because what if in the grand scheme of things these energies that science has proven, whether dubbed positive, negative, kinetic, or another term, were created as part of our world so that we CAN explain them? And further, can we entertain the idea that these forces or energies that they scientifically uncover are also part of, or one-and-the same with, THE force, God, Allah, Buddha, or whatever?

Both the scientist and ‘believer in something higher’ entertain the notion of a wondrous energy or force. So perhaps we were meant to come to know and identify this life source in a tangible way. That is, to be able to prove as scientists do that this awesome energy and light really does exists, and that it in fact is the same energy and light, the good light, that has been guiding our existence since our creation (higher power). I mean … what if?

For the average person, those who believe in something greater, when our minds are working to find answers to an issue or problem that we don’t understand, we often end-up turning it over to faith and belief in something higher if we can’t explain it. And those scientists who do not have faith in something higher, but believe there is a grand energy, continue to explore this awesomeness and prove this energy all around us. What if these two energies are one and the same and we are coming to know it, in tangible, explainable terms, so that we just don’t have to “believe” or have “faith” and can actually know? I mean seeing is believing, right? Contemplate that.

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Rebecca J McArthur

This is very similar to the thoughts I have. I have had a difficult time finding other people to talk to this about. It seems that the majority of people are either black or white (my word for religious or atheist) which is fine to each their own, but I consider this to be more grey because it combines both. I am so happy that I found this to read. Thank you.


Melody Jean

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for taking time to read and comment. It is always wonderful to learn others have similar thoughts, it helps to validate underlying intuition if for nothing else. Most people need an explanation or proof to believe most things in life outside of religion. But religion is an area where people believe in something without any tangible proof and are okay with that. Others don’t believe because they do not know or because there is no ‘proof’ and others still yet “believe” because they in fact, do know there is something higher. Thanks for continuing the conversation!



Hi. This article. I mean WOW. Amazing, truly. I agree with this and resonate SO MUCH. I used to be an atheist when I was in high school. Then I thought about it some more a few years later, and I slowly transitioned into more of an agnostic. Then I picked up yoga, and BOOM it clicked. I suddenly see energy everywhere and I now know it’s significance. I believe that energy is “the god/gods/higher power” that religions seem to worship. And what a wonderful happy medium that becomes. Then everyone is right! Cheers to the in between, the grey! Thanks for the awesome article!


Melody Jean

Thank you for sharing, always wonderful to hear others’ stories and those that relate, or even differ. I appreciate that you took the time to respond and share that you, too, think this could be. As my dad says ‘don’t limit the possibilities.’ Peace.
Melody Jean



Great Article, and i too (not believe) am confident that it all energy that makes you, drives you.

Seeing is not believing, because believe is just something that you are not sure about (There is no proof). Seeing is reality which most people tend to ignore.


Melody Jean

My thanks to you, Abhi for commenting and sharing your experience!


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