Can You Pray-Away Sickness and Disease?

by Melody Jean

Can You Pray Away Disease and Sickness Contemporary Seeker I sit here sipping coffee, enjoying the morning hours and the beautiful sun’s rays.

Yet, I will myself not to forget to say a prayer that has become a pivotal party of my daily and evening activities.

Sometimes I utter these words numerous times a day. Especially when my body is in need.

In the prayer I ask to be cleansed of all disease and sickness to restore strength to my body, and joy to my soul.

Is This Too Much To Ask?

I don’t think so.

Does it Work?

It does for me. Or at least, partly.

You see, I want to serve the greater universe, but I need energy and decent health to do so.

I believe in the power of prayer, but recognize that perhaps it’s my belief that makes it work for me.

From Forgetting to Remembering

True, sometimes I forget to pray.

However, each time I face this obstacle, it’s as if I remember once again how small my hands really are.

My Healing Prayer

I offer the prayer, that I use, to request the almighty universe’s healing touch upon body and soul, or that of someone in need.

“Almighty and merciful (God, Supreme Being, Jesus, Allah, etc etc) by the power of your command, drive away from me/him/her all forms of sickness and disease.

Restore strength to my/his/her body and joy to my/his/her spirit, so that in my/his/her renewed health, I/he/she may bless and serve you, now and forevermore.”

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