Decisions: The Devil You Know vs. The Devil You Don’t Know

by Melody Jean

Devil You Know vs Devil You Don't Know  Decisions.

Big decisions aren’t easy to make.

No. No they’re not.

Choices are good.

Still sometimes having to choose is not.

Big Biggies – Beyond Toilet Paper

I speak here to those situations that force us to choose between two or several something(s) or entities that could change the course of our lives. Even if only slightly.

Not something such as which wine would pair better with dry parmesan cheese, or whether or not the toilet paper roll on the dispenser should roll over or under — especially because this one’s obvious. Everyone knows that it should roll over <wink, wink>.

It’s the big biggies – where we live, the job we have (or choose to leave or pursue), whether or not we decide to marry, buy a house, or move to a new apartment. These types of choices, most often are presented when we have no other option, but to, well, just decide.

The list of decisions that we will face over the course of our lives will always be invariable and seemingly ongoing.

The Stumpers

Some choices will always be more difficult to decide than others. Especially if we’ve been afforded this opportunity to choose before, yet it has yet to run its course in our favor.

Really there’s no matter if the circumstance or how it unfolded prior was due to our misinformed or hasty choice or if we decided purely on gut instinct. For whatever reason, we’ve been here before so we become scared to choose. To choose anything for that matter – this is where I sit now.

Devil You Know vs. Devil You Don’t Know

The ultimate battle between evil and well, a worse evil 🙂

I often entertain this notion. Is it better for me to keep going with the devil I know, than don’t know even if the option to which I do not know seems a little rosier?

After all, my conscious mind screams “Nothing is without risk, y’fool! The grass is never greener on the other side. It might end up having a slightly better manicured lawn, yet flaws are inevitable.”

So it may be a better choice or it may not be.

It’s like crapshoot, a 50/50 and with that, we sit scared. After all, we humans don’t like uncertainty.

Listening to Silence

I was actually told by my two favorite men, in different ways, to “be with myself” and the answers will come.

Due to my very being, my nature, my make-up, I find it difficult to ‘sit with myself.’ Sometimes I think too that perhaps the real obstacle is that I’m still learning to quietly listen, or to listen to silence. For within silence, it’s rumored that I’ll hear a powerful voice – a voice greater than me, and it’s one within in me.

Finding the Answer – Heading to Elusive

Alas, but I need an answer because I have no choice but to choose. Yet, while so doing, I also know that this answer, the right one, will not come from my brain.

I need to travel to that elusive place that others speak to. You know, that place where directions are given from a higher consciousness found within my soul. The place to which I can only find if I’m patient and listen to silence.

Have you ever been there before?

The Gut Instinct or Intuition Conundrum  

Sometimes I run with my gut instinct because I somewhat believe it’s that higher place telling me to do so. Other times, I can’t ascertain if my gut is in fact providing wrong or misguided advice because it’s basis is past experience and fear.

A Snail Wins Sometimes

However, the good news? My gut (or intuition) is telling me not to rush. To go slow because I have choices. This is good.

Initially I wanted to have this issue wrapped-up by next weekend to be settled. Yes, I preferred all my ducks in a row by next Friday with a choice made by Tuesday.

Yet alas, I realize this may be too hasty. So with this, I’m ok in delaying until perhaps the next weekend, or one there after so that my higher voice has a chance to be heard.

So it seems, I’ve made a decision after all. My decision is to take my time with the hope that a more definitive answer will come. Really, it’s pretty simple, I see.

After all, a snail can win the race sometimes — it’s just depends who the competition is.

A Detour

While my mission to find a simple, quiet, place where my answer lay dormant has proved to be a challenge; I detoured to a safe place. A place that I know well.

I visited my higher consciousness and asked for guidance (which some call ‘prayer’). I also asked for it to help those who have presented obstacles on my path during this process.

While I don’t have a definite answer, I inquired for guidance and was offered patience. This gift is helping me to wait (patiently) so that the true answer will come forth. With this, I plan to enjoy my day and weekend void of making decisions.

So no, I didn’t hear an almighty resounding voice in response, but for some funny reason, I’ve a strong feeling that my voice has heard.

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