Detours to the Spiritual Superhighway

by Melody Jean

While browsing on Twitter a thought struck me. Idries Shah, who perhaps is best known for making Eastern traditional teachings available in the west (America, etc.) through his 29 self-published books, is quoted constantly in tweets. From spiritual and yoga gurus to natural health practitioners and more, his words are being repeated (or is that re-tweeted?). I know that I’ll be guilty of this too, sharing a Shah quote via a short tweet at some point. In fact one of his quotes helped to sum-up a post I wrote recently titled How America’s 2% Tax Hike Helped me Remember to Remember.

So the fact that people are sharing his quotes is not what caught my eye, nor whether or not they read all of his books in their entirety as they are intended. I think it’s awesome they share his words. What I actually found almost humorous is that those quoting Shah and his knowledge have a following on Twitter in the thousands, some tens of thousands, yet the ‘official’ Shah Estate Twitter account, which I presume is managed by those he left in charge, has just 250 followers. This I found ironic. Why?  Here I explain …

Parlor Games: Ouija, Tarot, Crystals and More

When I was in my preteens my friends and I played the Ouija Board at sleepovers and get-togethers. We were all consumed by this game which was manufactured by Parker Brothers. It almost creeps-me-out to even write about this, yet I will because I promised to be honest and share with my fellow seekers the good, the bad, and even the ugly. If you are unfamiliar with the Ouija please visit the Parker Brothers website and check it out. I do not want to explain nor link to it here. I always found it odd that Parker Brothers sold a game that was so powerful; powerful for me anyway.

You see, when I would place my finger on the Ouija needle, even with the lightest touch, it moved. And it moved fast. You might think I’m crazy. Yet, if you believe in energy as a prime component of the universe and/or that we’re all energy, why not entertain for just a moment that my energy, or anyone’s energy can move the needle? The first few times this happened I was somewhat enthralled by it all and frightened. I was just 11 years old. When I mentioned this to my father he answered calmly and said he isn’t surprised. He explained that I have an energy about me as all humans do, but mine is strong. If for no other reason than because I allow my mind to go there. I’m susceptible. He said that this is good, yet I need to be careful playing the Ouija because of who I am. There are bad energies out there and so he asked, “What would you do if you got a hold of an energy you couldn’t control?” He shared that last notion with me after a somewhat unsettling experience I had with the Ouija. And because of who I am, and what he said, I never played it again.

Fast forward to now, present day. This past weekend I was introduced to the crystal pendulum for the first time, which can be used in Chakra readings. The crystal pendulum is much like a Ouija in that you can ask it questions and obtain answers. Again when I held it and inquired about aspects in my life that I have been yearning to know, it was strong, the energy that is. This was of no surprise to me of course, yet the person I was with was indeed surprised, especially when I made the crystal come to a halt just by saying the word “stop.”  Please don’t confuse my ability to halt the pendulum as magic, witchcraft or some other freaky entity. We all have these capabilities. I can just tap into it and perhaps some of the ease is because it’s innate as well. Liken it to those who practice martial arts and can split a thick piece of wood with a pointed stroke of their hand. Many martial artists will attribute this ability to the awesome power of focusing their mind and energy on those areas in their body needed to split the wood. This isn’t hocus-pocus; it’s fact. Energy is fact. I don’t have any special powers, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you about it. I’m not special. I just recognize and hone my energy.

The Spiritual Superhighway

Like I did so many years before with the Ouija, I again witnessed with my own eyes, through the use of the pendulum the awesomeness of my energy. I was excited and frightened at the same time. I can see how the use of this could become addicting or habit-forming. And at that moment I was thrown back to the many past conversations with my dad on this topic. He used to say, “Mel, just get on the spiritual superhighway.” It’s available to you and everyone for that matter. It’s our birthright. I now know what he means.

If we just do the work to get there, we will get there. While Ouija, Tarot Cards, and other ways of “acquiring knowledge” are helpful and can be accurate at times, in a sense they are parlor games as my dad referred. He shared one time that often these serve as an introduction for people to sense their energy, after all, seeing is believing. In the end, however when using these we are dealing with a lower level of energy. We can move onto a more direct path, a higher energy – the spiritual superhighway. We have the ability to take this highway directly to the source, The One. We just need directions to get there. If we do the work, we will find our way and have the ability to tap into our higher consciousness which is the all-knowing. My dad always says “you have been giving enough for the journey.”


So when I stumbled upon the many Shah quotes scattered among various places in the land of Twitter I was again reminded of all of this – my experience with Ouija, pendulums, my energy and the like. And while I love reading Shah’s quotes and that of other inspirational people via tweets on Twitter from those who I’ve chosen to follow; I know that I personally need to do the work to get on that beeline to The One.

Interesting too that this reminder should come from Shah’s quotes, although indirectly because his work I have been told is a path to the elusive spiritual superhighway. If you read it in its entirety that is. Yet as mankind is accustomed to doing, the masses take many detours to this superhighway by garnering bits and pieces of Shah’s knowledge, and that of others, along the way much like I am. I think this is part of our journey. Dabbling with ideas, thoughts, bits and pieces, taking what you think you need until you finally know the path to the superhighway. The direct line, if you will, to The One. Thanks to experience, and seeking of late, I think I know a little more clearly where I need to focus my energy next. If you’ve read this far, I hope you got what you know you need.

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