Does Facebook Have a Higher Purpose?

by Melody Jean

Facebook Have a Higher Purpose Contemporary SeekerA conversation I had with my dad when Facebook first took hold of our lives has never left my mind. He was not a member. In fact, at that time, he wouldn’t even entertain the idea.

Yet, over the last year he finally succumbed to the whim of the elusive social media giant because well, he’s a blogger.

The Low-Down On Our Convo

It began with me saying, “So you’ll never believe who “friended” me on Facebook today. Not waiting for a response, which is customary of me, I just delved right in.

It was one, of two, ultimate backstabbers in my life, who he remembers well. She was that girl. Now the fact that she friended me is a blog post entirely in, and of itself, so to stay on track I will continue with my story here.

I remember saying to my dad, “Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have a need to sign-up yet. Certain people I have no interest in knowing anymore. There was a point in time when once you graduated high school, and moved away, you’d likely never see some people ever again, especially if one, or both didn’t attend reunions. In fact, you may never even hear about said person either.” I continued, “I’d almost prefer it like that – good riddance.”

—> And So I Inquired

I asked my dad if there was some deeper reason, why we’re all still in each other’s faces? Anyone who we meet can potentially be in our lives forever thanks to the advent of new technology. Especially if you’re like me in that you need to have accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and any other social networking site that comes to fruition because of business and blogging.

It’s so disconcerting because even if we don’t accept a person’s friend request, Facebook is set up as such that you will still see comments by them on common friend’s posts and the like. So the fact that we can be connected to everyone forever is a scary thought.”

—> It’s An Example

His response, which I will paraphrase in some right was that perhaps it’s to teach mankind something.

For centuries we have been told about the interrelatedness of man, yet people don’t seem to want to entertain this idea. Facebook could be the concrete, physical example that we need to wake-up to the understanding that our individual thoughts and actions impact everyone.”

Touche’ dear father, touche’.

Ever Consider the Interrelatedness of Man?

Thanks to my father, I have.

In his book A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment he speaks eloquently to this point.

He explains that we’re all connected in that what one does affects the masses at large. This is true for both good and bad thoughts, actions, ideas and intentions since all emit energies.

World-wide love and kindness can only manifest one person at a time. It’s infectious, and contagious, as are their opposites hatred and cruelty.

There’s a reason for the saying “If we want to make the world a better place we need to start with ourselves.” It’s a snowball effect.

One Stalled Car

In his book, my dad uses the example of one stalled car during rush hour, on a highway, outside of a major metropolitan area, such as New York City.

Just one stalled car massively influences the lives of hundreds of thousands of people – from those actually stuck in the traffic jam, to the children needing to be picked-up by stranded parents, and the many others waiting for those they were set to meet (at business meetings, events, social engagements, and onward). The impact could potentially be astronomical.

He uses this written example to help further explain a principal that is hard for some to comprehend just in the transfer of verbiage.

It’s the theory of the interrelatedness of man. It’s on a metaphysical level, an energy that unites us all.

Seeing Is Believing

It’s in our nature to dismiss ideas unless we see it, or experience it ourselves. ‘Seeing is believing’ literally.

So while for eons we’ve been (1) told that we’re all connected and (2) provided with examples like my father’s to further explain, many still dismiss this metaphysical interrelatedness as a possibility.

The reason? Because they can’t actually see it in a physical sense.

Facebook as a Higher Purpose?

In considering my dad’s theory of Facebook and its usefulness in depicting the interrelation of mankind; I like it. I like it a lot. To think that Facebook could somehow have a higher purpose helps transcend its superficiality in a way.

Facebook kind of serves as a living, breathing example of a principal, that is simple, yet too complex for many to digest. That is, that we’re all connected by energy and actions – you to me, me to you, the good guys to the bad guys. Positive actions breed subsequent positive actions, vice versa, and so forth.

A wonderful thought to ponder endlessly, I’d say. Is this just another of my seemingly outrageous thoughts, or is there truth? You decide. Thanks for seeking!

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