Don’t Know What To Do? Do Nothing

by Melody Jean

contemporaryseekerdontknowwhattodoWhen I’m not sure how I feel about a situation, or how to proceed, my dad’s words of wisdom ring loudly in my ears, “Mel, when you don’t know what to do, do nothing and the answers will come.”

Those words have saved me many times.

Doing Nothing

If you’re like me, one who jumps and takes risk in life and love, you understand doing nothing isn’t that easy.

A part of maturing is realizing that we can’t control everything nor do we know what will happen in the future. Sometimes we want to act because we can’t seem to wait to see how things will unfold. We want to know now so we take control, make a move, and almost force an answer to come in our time. The main issue with this line of thinking (and subsequent response) is that sometimes we act too quickly and in the end, either way, we’re never certain what will happen. Yet, when we rush, we increase the likelihood that the outcome will be rushed as well. Too, the end result might actually be a little more unfavorable because we didn’t allow things to unfold as intended.

In a prior post I wrote about ‘not knowing’ and revealed that very essence in the post’s title, All I Know is That I Do Not Know.  I find solace in admitting that I do not know.

It’s Time to Move Your Pawn – Take your time

Part of the battle is trying to discern if we indeed have to move our pawn right now, make a move; or if we can sit-back and say okay, it might be my turn, but I have time, I can wait.

Confused? Wait to Double Jump

I’m confused again right now. I have a lot swirling about – some good, some challenging, some needing to be addressed and many other little things here and there. I’m not complaining nor am I suggesting that it should be easy.

What I do intend to portray is that thanks to my dad, I’ve learned along the way that just because it’s my turn doesn’t mean that I have to move my checker right at this moment. I can wait until the perfect opportunity to double-jump and become a king. So with that, I wait.

Like a Game of Scrabble – The Answers Will Come

I liken the success of this approach to a hard-nosed game of scrabble with my mom. She can take up to 10 minutes for one move. It drives me batty, but that’s her right. She then often comes up with a killer word and squashes me in that moment. You see there is something to be said about waiting. Waiting, as my dad says, until the answers come. My mom waits, and she scores.

In more recent years I’ve taken this approach many times during confusing points in my life. As a result I’ve seen more gold than led. So once again it’s time to resume my dig for gold.

What to Do While Doing Nothing?

“Doing nothing” doesn’t mean that I’m void of all responsibility. It’s to the contrary, actually. I’m just to do nothing with said issue(s) for now.

In the meantime I will focus on the little things. I plan to sleep and eat well, go to work, exercise, and take care of my health and other responsibilities. To boot – I’ll continue to do my best to show up for others, and be a good daughter, aunt, sister, friend, co-worker, boss, and citizen.

When the Answers Come

Yet, most importantly, perhaps, I’ll continue to pray. I might pray even harder, and more often than ever before. Pray for my higher Will to show me what the next right move is, and when to jump.

I’ve been here before, so I know all too well that it will only be when my higher Will is ready that the answers will come. As my mom often says, “It’s in God’s time, not yours.”

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To paraphrase Milton: she also serves who stands and waits


Melody Jean

I like that – thanks Mike!


Alysia Raine

I really like this piece. With maturity comes patience. I too am one of those brutal scrabble players. It’s frustrating for the opponent, but I score the big points taking my time. After all it’s my game too.


Melody Jean

Hi Alysia – thanks for your note. I appreciate your feedback. I actually wrote another post on patience which you might enjoy as well. You can find it here I’m an avid fan of scrabble too – keeps the mind going 🙂 Thanks for sharing!



Hey Mike,

I could relate to this so much. My grandparents who also call me Mel, Missy just got off the phone with me telling me to give it more time and to continue to pray.

Waiting is hard work.

Thank you Mike. 🙂


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