Dream Chasers

by Melody Jean

DreamChaserContemporarySeekersmallToday I woke-up and started about making coffee and heard the word ‘dreams’ repeating in my cranium.

With that I sat down at my computer, gazed out the window, and penned the poem below.

I did so without looking at the keyboard, or the computer’s monitor.

I just gazed outside, letting the words flow from somewhere out there through my fingertips, to here.

The poem was finished in less than 30 seconds.

Yet, before you read it, I offer a preface to the piece first — as I so often like to do.

Nourishing Dreams

If lucky, we were nourished as children and encouraged to develop the capacity to recognize our strengths.

This, so that we could set about the task of conquering our dreams and live our dreams as adults.

When the System Systematizes

Yet, what ensued most often, especially among my generation and those before, is that we ended-up following a path that was laid before us.

Whether our guide(s) were society’s ideals and expectations, the educational system, parents, religion, another system, or some combination thereof.

Most, if not all of us, were indoctrinated to some extent.

This is not all bad as it provided a means for most of us to afford ‘living,’ and to be able to care for ourselves and families.

Waking Up

However, what I’m witnessing more and more is that people are waking-up.

With that, he or she begins to explore in search of the missing piece.

They have a yearning to find their true calling, and begin to chase it.

It’s the lucky ones, who finally catch their dreams.

With that sentiment in mind, I share this with you.

Dream Catcher

Do you only see them when you sleep

at night when your eyes lay closed?


Or do you feel them deep within your reach

when the sun is beaming, bright and bold?


They are your core, already inside you.

Pick up the light, and carry them through.


You are the one who knows when it’s begun.

That spark, that drive that makes you alive!


Don’t let your dreams sleep, while you’re awake.

Behold what you can from every step that you take.


You see, my friend, it’s already begun.

Your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations are one.


You are the entity that will set yourself free.

So reach deep inside, chase, and catch your dreams.

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Great piece.


Melody Jean

thank you Michele, I’m glad you liked it and appreciate your feedback! 🙂


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