Old Tapes

by Melody Jean

Old Tapes Contemporary SeekerWe choose our assumptions and beliefs based on many factors – experience of self and others, what we’re told, read, hear and learn, coupled with good old fashioned knowing.

What’s Really There

Sometimes with this we can’t actually see what’s before us, hear what’s truly being said by another, or take that which we’re experiencing at total face value.

Everything becomes clouded by our past assumptions and beliefs. I liken it to old tapes. They have the ability to resurface and their noise blocks what’s really there.

Fruit of Life

Old tapes — they can be be very confusing.

I often speak to honoring our past. It’s what makes us who we are. With this, we honor, make amends to self and others and move to a brighter future.

In a sense just utilize all that’s learned to push forth to new growth, discovery and a more fruitful life ahead.

Dusty Recordings

Yet there are those old tapes. Those gosh, darn old tapes.

They are apt to reappear and when we least expect it, of course, because we think that we’ve left the dusty recordings behind. Then … BAM!

Oh Don’t Press “Play!”

Something happens, or is said, and the old thought, idea or assumption appears out of nowhere.

It’s almost as if the recorder in our brain magically presses the play button.

With that we listen. And behold, the message is the same old song.

Erasing to Unlearn

Yes, it’s that same old tape that we thought that we diligently erased.

Yet the mind doesn’t lend itself well to forgetting or erasing past behavior, thoughts and ideas. With that, we must unlearn.

Unlearn that is, so that we can we relearn and make new tapes filled with beautiful harmonies and melodic sounds.

Moving to Action

Most anything that is played over a recorder moves us in some way – especially music – it’s why we dance.

Though the old tapes which I allude to most times aren’t music to our ears. They’re those past notions we learned, but thought that we burned, and left behind.

Yet, even though these tapes are unwelcome, they often have the ability to move us into action.

Since they tend to evoke emotions, we often (re)act. Many times too, in ways that we wish we hadn’t. The tapes are riddled with our past assumptions and our actions, as a result, are filled with much of the same as well.

Pause –> Stop –> Eject

If we’re lucky, we know how to get to that secret something inside of us, the place that helps us to take pause, block out the noise, even as the old tape plays.

If we’re really lucky we find the will to press stop, and eject the recording. With that we dust off a spot on the shelf to place the old tape back upon.

I penned the poem below with this idea at the forefront. I wish you well, and may you have the strength to pause, stop and eject all of your old tapes.

“Old Tapes”

It’s you again

Go away

No place for you here

this is my territory

I conquered this walk

in so much talk

Yet I know you sit there

just looking to gawk

At the fool in me

for believing, trusting

that you were gone

This entity

You broke me

but I had you

Or is this just

simply pure bad luck?

Sometimes I realize

that I must duck

out of sight

out of mind

For I need to

again leave you

far behind

Your face

it’s a disgrace

how each time

you make me retrace

The lessons I learned

the roads I turned

above me, below me

in my mind

heart, mind, body and soul

I thought that I was finally alone

Yet, I still own

a well inside

but its gosh darn time

that I eject and leave

you old tapes forever behind

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