Facing the Sun and Leaving My Shadows Behind

by Melody Jean

Face the Sun and Leave My Shadows Behind Contemporary SeekerOur shadows say so much, literally, and figuratively.

If I run towards my shadow, it gets smaller. I can never “catch it.”

It’s impossible and will always elude me.

It’s the design, or the science behind it.

Yet, if I walk into the sun, my shadow remains, but will fall behind if I allow it to.

So I find it comforting that when I align with the sun, I can leave my shadow(s) in my wake.

Chasing Our Shadows

This sentiment is a reminder that when I walk into the sun, readily embrace the light, or perhaps more simply stated — live my life filled with positive energy, higher thoughts and actions; my shadows fall away.

If I pursue my shadow, it will always evade me and remain lurking in my lair.

In a sense, my shadow wins.

Choosing Our Direction

We have this choice daily — to move into the sun, or continue to chase our shadows.

In which direction we proceed, well, that’s our decision.

So it’s my wish for you, and for me, that we always remember to face the sun, and leave our shadows behind.

Leaving Shadows Behind Quote Contemporary Seeker


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Still trying to catch up on your flurry of posts! I love the visual and concept of the shadow and sun. Again…..groovetacular.

Buzz off, shadows!

[now I have “Children of the Sun” by Billy Thorpe stuck in my head…]


Melody Jean

Say goodbye to shadows SMK — yes, indeed! thanks for reading 🙂


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