Falling for the Last Time – Maybe I’m a Dreamer

by Melody Jean

Falling for the Last Time – Maybe I’m a Dreamer Contemporary SeekerThere is something so euphoric about falling in love with someone new for the first time.

So I can only imagine the sheer bliss that ensues when you fall in love with someone new for the last time.

That is, the moment during your relationship when you just know it’s forever.

Love We Are

Souls are meant to love, and to be loved.

I feel that with every ounce of my being.

Maybe I’m a dreamer. Heck, I am a dreamer.

Yet, I’ve been privy to witnessing that you can, indeed, fall in love with someone for the last time.

You Get What You Put In

My parent’s have been married for more than 40 years.

There’s something to it — hard work, respect, and gratitude for what each can give.

Expectations should be low so that you can appreciate the other truly for what he or she is able to bring to the relationship.

Not what you expect them to, based upon outside influences.

You get what you put in, in a sense.

A Blissful Chance

Once the rampant butterflies abate, which is bound to happen, you have a chance for something blissful to emerge.

A love like any other. Its foundation is respect, love, admiration, desire, partnership, loyalty, and honesty.

With that, I look forward to the moment when I know this first is also my last.

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chrisdiana westphal

Dear Melody Jean, it is so beautiful, when “puzzlestones” are falling into the right place. “When the student is ready, the Teacher (Master) comes”, so when You will be ready Your eternal Love will appear! Every person i learn anew and can get a lowest common denominator or even more like with You, i´m very happy with. Because we humans are a big family and start to learn each other and become healed as a whole Inshallah! (Excuse i´ve not yet translated all posts on my site into english, but google translator will do good enough work. I´m following Shaykh Mohammad Abdullah from Mexico with spanish translation into german and it works good enough, too) Greetings and Blessings chrisidiana


Melody Jean

thank you chrisdiana for you thoughtful post! yes. eternal love among human “flesh” beings, souls within the human body, and the creator. perhaps the master already appeared … he/she just doesn’t have a human form? something to ponder 🙂 much love and light to you.


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