Finding Peace When Little Things Fade

by Melody Jean

Finding Peace When Little Things Fade Contemporary Seeker

Perhaps Jim Rohn said it best, “Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.”

 A Journey for Juice

Let me start with a true story today.

It was quite snowy, so after running some errands, I decided to come home to avoid the treacherous un-plowed roads.

I’ve been diligently trying to build myself back up from some medical issues. So a relaxing visit to my complex’s gym sounded like the right thing to do. Just an easy walk (indoor) to get the juices of the mind, body and spirit flowing.

Oh! Oxymoronish Life, It’s Not What I Expect!

When I arrived a couple was there — one on the elliptical, the other the stationary bike. Yet, they had on an evangelist preacher TV show booming at full blast volume.

I’d like to mention that I have no bother with evangelists or anyone other faith or religion for that matter. Truly, to each his own, there is beauty in all. That wasn’t the issue(s).


Yes, “unexpected-ations” is not a word. This I know. Yet, it’s my way to explain certain condondrums like the one I faced.

True, since the TV was loud, obviously neither were donning headphones. So the noise had me too.

I contemplated asking them to turn down the volume (not shut it off) because at one time this would have bothered me for various reasons.

Yet, really as I thought about it, in that moment I realized that it didn’t bother me much how inconsiderate they might appear (if viewed that way). Or how annoying the show may sound.

Even to someone like me struggling with various hearing issues of late.

So Preacher, Preach On

I acknowledged then, that wow. There sincerely are bigger issues to focus my attention on. And regularly at that.

This couple blasting the volume is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of “my” things.

So I decided to let it be. Let them listen (and me endure) and the TV preacher to preach on.

A Lesser Burden

It was right then, that I felt a burden lift, like I let go of something more.

I wondered, are little things becoming of less bother? A lesser burden. If so, when did this happen?

When the Little Ones Fade

As I contemplated this on the treadmill, I realized that I’ve noticed this in several other instances too (e.g. being stuck behind non moving cars in traffic, people cutting me off in stores while holiday shopping (tis the season), assignment due dates slipping by, abrupt customer service representatives and doctor office receptionists, and much more.

If this holds true — that shedding the weight of littler things is making me more peaceful, and accepting of more, trying and difficult life elements, that need my true attention; I’d be remiss to not add that this a great thing. And by God, please let it continue.

So if letting littler things become littler — in a sense fade away, to this I say … fade-on.

P.S Another Lesson

The couple left within 15 minutes of my arrival and turned off the TV set and I had 45 minutes to myself.  Another lesson … patience is a virtue my friends.

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