Fool’s Gold — I’ve Been Fooled

by Melody Jean

Fool's Gold - I've Been Fooled Contemporary SeekerI’ll admit it, I’ve been a fool.

Succumbing to the allure of fool’s gold that is.

My Parlor Games

Along my quest for truth or higher knowledge, I visited many-a-parlor games.

From psychics, to intuitivists, to clairvoyants, fortune tellers, metaphysical healers, energy activists, astrologers, hypnotists, tarot readers, numerologists, and more – I’ve been there.

Mostly out of curiosity, but also because I had a deep yearning to know, which I will expand upon later in this post.

I implore you to continue reading if you feel a need to know, “something greater.”

So, yes, I sought, listened, digested, partook, played, learned, laughed, cried, believed, disbelieved, believed once more, disbelieved again, and onward.

Entertaining Thought

One of my favorite quotes is by Aristotle and seemingly applicable to this post, so I will share:

“The mark of an educated mind is to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

I have held this in my core as I sought out the many “parlor games” available to us today.

And man, am I grateful I did! I may have even gone further astray had I not.

Please Proceed With Caution

I caution you not to misconstrue my aforementioned statements or anything that follows here.

For I am not saying I discount the fact that there are people who absolutely hone “special,” abilities. No, no I am not!

I truly believe that Edgar Cayce, for instance, who is dubbed the “Sleeping Profit,” tapped into another level of his psyche or sub-consciousness and, therefore, helped the masses.

Yet, what I am absolutely saying is that those like Cayce are a rare, rare, rare, RARE, breed in deed. Did I say, rare?

While there are others who have done the work as Cayce has to “go there;” unfortunately there a gazillion more who believe that they have, or even pretend that have (knowingly) at the expense of others.

My Visitation with Parlor Games

As mentioned, I’ve visited with many types of “readers.”

True, several have provided similar readings so with that, I believed what they said at times.

I also came to feel that some are certainly “better” than others and they have a “gift.”

However, I’ve yet to experience anyone that can hold a candle to the caliber of Cayce. And I have seen a lot on my journey.

So while I do not want to minimize others’ abilities to foretell, or “know,” I do want to caution seekers that there is a tremendous amount of “fool’s gold” out there.

Diversion on My Path

Prior to my pursuit of the plethora of parlor games I’ve experienced; I was reading about the way of the Sufi (on-and-off) for more than 15 years. This Way resonated with me, rather profoundly.

With that, I was great at my career, helping others, and participating in the world in a very productive way. Further, I was empowered to start this blog, and loved doing so as it seems to help others, too.

Yet, when I was slammed with illnesses, to which all are almost behind me, thank God, I became lost. Therefore, I sought answers from others.

As a result, I became diverted from seeking within, and trusting myself.

Changing my Focus

With said illnesses almost behind me, I am clear-headed again.

My journey now is to focus, once more, within me.

No more visits with psychic readers or people who seemingly “know” things.

Fool’s Gold at Its Finest

For you see, what they foretell to others, if they are, indeed, legit, is just a potential.

The Sufis maintain that we have free will and can change the course of how things will transpire at any time.

Further, many “psychics” have the habit of telling their clients that they have the potential to develop metaphysical gifts themselves.

This sets up expectations and actually blocks one from being able to do said things that the seer said. It’s counterproductive and has happened to me.

Smoke Blown-Up My Arse

I’ve had so much smoke blown-up my bootay, that I was convinced I needed to change my profession and make a living utilizing some metaphysical ‘gift’ that I was supposedly going to acquire.

That is, if I could only determine what that “gift” was. It’s laughable, now, so I can write about it.

–> Finding “My True Calling”

I was “told” that I would be healed inside and out from all ailments, if I could stop my day job, which I’m darn good at, and pursue a more “holistic” path.

Something more in-line with my soul’s desire. This is a true, true, story.

I do not blame those that told me these things, for I sought answers.

However, with these answers, I was so, so discontent. I started to doubt my profession that I have been in for 17 years.

–> True Enlightened Ones

The Sufis maintain that we are all light, yet we need to function in the apparent world.

Further, they suggest that we wouldn’t know a highly enlightened person from an unenlightened one just by appearance, and very likely not by their profession.

Most enlightened folks hold regular day jobs. They succeed in the apparent world – go to work, have families, experience problems, solve them, and the like.

Yet, they also help humanity. Most are not paid to do so, either. And if they are paid, it’s usually not enough to make a living. Of course there are exceptions to this thought. Nothing is black or white. It can’t be.

That’s self-limiting thought, which is not what the Sufis maintain.

Again, I liken it to Edgar Cayce. For the most part, he was not paid for his insights though he did, later, ask for donations to help support his family. However, I’d be remiss to not stress once more, people like Cayce are rare.

–> The Helper in Me

As you all know, I have this blog. By sharing my journey, this is where I help others. I also realize I help people every day … at my day job.

Again, it’s laughable that I allowed myself to be convinced that I needed to become some hocus, pocus, healer, and be paid to do so. If not, I would remain “ill.”

–> Real-izing

So through all of this parlor game and fool’s gold shopping, I realize I love my day job.

I enjoy being of the apparent world and participating in it. Though I recognize I want to do what I currently do every day, just deeper and more lovingly.

Further, I am participating at a level that, perhaps, is helping more people than I know.

–> My Knowing

I was sick because I was not going deep enough. Running blindly on adrenaline and forgoing doing my duties, and the work needed to progress in this apparent world, on a more meaningful level.

I was seeking an easy path to knowing. Searching for some “gift” I supposedly had deep inside. The one I was supposed to manifest to heal me and to heal others.

Then it dawned on me, a knowing unlike any other – everything I need is within in me.

As my dad always says, “I am the door that blocks my own way. I just need to find the key, and unlock it.”

–> The Current Truth

So no, I will not quit my day job, and I will not seek an alternate profession.

I will continue as I have been, but rise higher in my daily endeavors, continue to share via this blog and through my interactions with people on every level, and seek to uncover my own knowing.

I don’t know how deep I will ever go into my sub-consciousness. Perhaps really deep someday, but it will be my knowing that leads me there. Not that which someone else who claims to know has told me.

That’s all for now.

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