Forgiving All Over The Place

by Melody Jean

On this spiritual quest, called life, therForgiving All Over The Place Contemporary Seekere are many areas where one can trip-up. It’s part of the journey.

I’ve done my fair share of tripping. Of late, too, it seems I falter, fall back, and lose my footing regularly.

Yet, at the same time, it feels like it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Forgiving … Everything, I Say!

My inner focus lately has been on forgiveness.

Ironically this quest came to be completely on a subconscious level and has been going-on for weeks. Yet, just today, I realized how paramount it is in everything.

I read a quote recently, “Forgive others even if they’re not sorry.”

In a sense, this is what I’ve been doing.

Though the forgiveness I speak to goes well beyond just forgiving others.

Forgiving All Over the Place

It’s forgiving me, forgiving my past, forgiving my desires, or lack thereof. Forgiving our creator, forgiving my weaknesses, where I fall short, and material desires. Forgiving every, single, ounce of it all.

Because forgiving everything, in our heart-of-hearts, removes a heavy burden from our soul.

It’s a processional freeing of sorts. Though, I’m not quite to the end-stage, yet, I’m grateful to know what’s transpiring.

Why Forgive? For Me, I Say!

I was conversing with someone recently and applicable to the conversation I mentioned, “I forgive myself.”

He was aghast and said, “What’s there to forgive? You shouldn’t have to forgive yourself for anything your past made you who you are.”

While I agree with that sentiment on some level, to myself, and to my soul I replied, “What’s to forgive, you ask? Everything. And I will not stop until I forgive, well, everything.”

Outwardly I remained silent.

State of Forgiveness

Daily I’m in a perpetual state of forgiveness. I’m sure it’s just one phase on this multifaceted journey.

Everywhere I look, both inside and out, I see forgiveness.

I’m saddened and elated at the same time as I sit “forgiving all over the place.”

I will leave you with this thought that came into my cranium this afternoon and prompted this post …

Powerful Words I'm Sorry You're Forgiven Contemporary Seeker









Peace, love and light to you …

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