My Journey: From a Caterpillar to Butterfly

by Melody Jean

My Journey: Caterpillar to a Butterfly Contemporary SeekerAs my spiritual journey evolves, much has come undone. Or perhaps better said, has been stripped away.

Elements that were so deeply ingrained, those things that I thought encapsulated who I truly was for as long as I can remember.

It’s not a bad thing, you see. For this is one of the many designs of this wondrous journey of seeking higher.

Oh My! From Where Do Our Traits Arise?

Science implies that some traits we’re born with. Others we pick-up in the carnival of life along the way.

Some mystics maintain we choose that which we encounter prior to our arrival in this realm.

Whatever you believe is truly your choice.

It’s of No Matter

Yet, the reasoning behind why we possess the qualities that we do has little bearing on our soul’s journey.

What I’ve found to truly matter for me, is the influence its had on me, and my true calling, or purpose.

From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Once I was able to recognize these traits, elements, characteristics, or whatever they may be, that resided in me, and I accepted them; I began to let those I did not need go.

Some by choice, others by force of nature.

As is such, I began to see everything more clearly. I started to see what was real and what was false. What was learned and what was really me. Naturally, I began to question who I thought I was.

All of that said, my world changed dramatically over the last several years. It was, oh, so painful, much of the time, yet I see now, I am okay, and it’s all been for a reason.

It’s as if I’ve morphed from a caterpillar into a butterfly. My dad has a saying “Yesterday you were a caterpillar, today you are a butterfly, tomorrow what will you be?”

Days Preceding THE Change

Prior to the recent eradication of many of my old distractions, my focuses were centered on society ideals and expectations.

In my earlier years I focused on school, sports, extracurricular activities, fun, family and friends. In my later years, fitness, work, fun and family.

While I always had a deep yearning to fill the void in my heart, to find the truth; I know now that my emphasis on the aforementioned elements slowed my spiritual growth to some extent.

–> The Knocks on My Door: Who’s There?

They weren’t what I was about. And the subtle knocks at my door beckoning me to awaken, I shushed.

In recent years the knocks became louder with the appearance of physical maladies, loss of homes, and relationships and the like.

With that, I was forced to limit or forgo entirely many of those things that I thought were me. The focuses that consumed much of my thought process and time.

Yet, now, I realize they were not me.

What is me, is not for human eyes to see.

Who I Am

Through many new ventures over the last four years — this blog, assisting others on their journeys’ for truth, learning and practicing reiki, hiking for pleasure, following the moon cycles, eating well, and moderate exercise – I’ve gained a semblance of who I’m truly intended to be.

With that, I’m forging ahead, breaking down the walls.

I no longer care who sees my journey for truth on Contemporary Seeker.

I used to fear ridicule or judgment, but I recognize in so doing, I was ridiculing myself, and my higher calling.

–> A Light Body

I am a light body, a child of the universe. So I will drink of its riches and I will persevere. For I know that the journey is one of moderation, and progress, not perfection.

Letting Go of All That Does Not Serve Me

That which I’ve experienced along this somewhat obstacle-filled road, has unveiled so many wonderful elements.

As I let go of all that no longer serves me, or my highest good, I make way for the beautiful people and experiences that are flooding my gates.

I truly believe I’m heading where I’m intended to be.

With that, all I can say is thank you to God. And Namaste’ to the Universe.

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