Get-up & Exercise Part I: Exercise Does What?! It’s Trifecta!

by Melody Jean

Three people spinningI speak a lot to my spiritual development and matters of the mind, yet a question a friend asked earlier this week zeroed me back to something that I just do regularly, and guess perhaps take for granted. She inquired, “You exercise a lot and in various forms, I’m struggling to get into it. Any advice?”

Struggling to Beat the Kick-Start Blues? For Sureee I Did To!

Uhm, yeah. Thanks for the reminder. I remember clearly now, I struggled to get to where I am too. So yes I do have advice. It took me many years to realize the integral role that exercise plays in my overall well-being. I know it’s not easy to kick-start this endeavor, trust in that. So in this two part series, Get Up and Exercise, I share what I’ve come to know in the hope that I somehow help those struggling to get it in gear.

It’s Trifecta? Yep. I Just Lovey That Word!

A healthy mind is comprised of three elements, it’s trifecta in a sense. The awesome, threesome – one  part mental, one part physical and one part spiritual – sound mind, body, and spirit. Together these yummy components equal one healthy human.

Not An All-Star Athlete? Care I Do Not!

I know most of us weren’t born all-star athletes and many didn’t even participate in sports growing-up. This makes no difference! We can all find an exercise activity to commit to doing regularly.

Even if we’re fortunate to be that naturally skinny person, who everyone envies, it’s important to find a form of cardio and weight-bearing exercise that we enjoy. If you’re already an endurance trainer, like me – running, road cycling or swimming, this is great. Yet, we still have to make sure to continue exercising in our off-seasons too.

Fork in My Eye or Exercise?  Exercise Silly – Behold the Benefits

So you have been told time again, that exercise is good for you. You might think enough already! However there is a reason that you keep hearing it. The benefits are just too great to ignore. While there are numerous reasons to exercise, I took the liberty of highlighting those most likely to affect the masses.

—> Boost Your Immune System? Buh-byeee Sicko

I know this personally to be true. I have a chronic illness, so when I don’t feel well, or the medicines aren’t cutting it, I hop on my bike, treadmill or the elliptical. Even if I’m deadbeat tired because of said illness I force myself. Because without fail, every time, it’s as if I get a boost of energy or well-being that can get me through, at the very least, the next few days. True story here, I swear.

As the seeker in me always does I researched this phenomenon. And yes, to underscore what I just knew, or felt, I found that more and more research indicates a correlation between regular exercise and increased immunity. Those who exercise regularly reportedly have fewer colds because of a positive immune system response and a temporary boost in the production of macrophages, the cells that attack bacteria.

—> Better Self Esteem AND Mood? Sign. Me. Up!

Regular exercise is a surefire way to increase your self-esteem and to help better your mood. It’s actually proven to ease symptoms associated with anxiety and depression according to the Mayo Clinic.

Too, the nature of exercising, in and of itself, just makes most feel better. Once you start, it’s almost as if you can see the results right away. You glance in the mirror a little longer and your clothes start to look and fit better. Overall you just feel like a much better version of you. This in turn helps you to gain more confidence, and naturally your mood becomes a little more at ease.

—> It Maketh My Skin Pretty Too? Glory Be!

Many are not aware that exercise (of all kinds) actually helps your skin, especially if you suffer from acne. In fact, some believe just the opposite. Since we sweat while exercising, we clog our pores. How wrong that is. Studies I’ve read show that exercising helps regulate hormones that cause acne, and circulates needed nutrients to our skin. Food for thought, or is it food for healthy skin?!

—> Take Off the Poundage? Oh Hell,Yea!

The most common benefit, which most seek, is that we lose weight. It really is obvious why. You are burning more calories than you normally do. Even if you are not on a diet and eat exactly the same as always, the pounds will still fall-off because you burn more calories than usual. If you absolutely do not need to lose weight, increase your caloric intake.

—> Tones Muscles? How We Loveth This One!

Regular exercise will help tone your muscles. Notice I said “tone your muscles”, not “increase muscle bulk?” So do not fear that exercise will bulk-up your muscles and make you look like the Incredible Hulk.

Most cardio and weight bearing exercises just help to define your muscles, making them stronger. Healthy and firm muscles help to:

  1. Achieve those great legs, toned arms, and awesome booty that you always wanted.
  2. Increase the amount of calories that you burn when not exercising, which helps aid in weight loss.
  3. Keeps your bones healthy and strong, and decreases bone loss. Too it helps to build back bone already lost for those with osteoporosis.

So even if we do not want to lose weight, we can all certainly benefit from the aforementioned advantages of healthy muscles.

You’re Body’s A Machine?  Well Then Oil-it Up!

Again, those benefits I highlighted are just a few, however there are many more. From ensuring that our heart and lungs are healthy to increasing our energy level, we simply can’t go wrong by starting an exercise routine. Our bodies are machines in a sense and they need the proper fuel to run efficiently (nutrients and exercise). If we don’t do right by this, we are missing the boat. This is just the nature of the beast.

A Plan You Can Sticketh To? Comin’ Up Next!

Still, all of that said, I understand it’s difficult for many to find an exercise plan that they actually enjoy and will stick with. So check back for the second post in this series, Get-up and Exercise – Part II: A Plan You Can Sticketh To, where I’ll share my personal secrets to starting and, perhaps more importantly, maintaining an exercise plan.

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