Getting to Know You With My Heart, Not My Mindful Mouth

by Melody Jean

gettingtoknowyoucontemporaryseekerIt’s my hope to know you.

Your best and absolute worst days.

What makes you crinkle with joy.

Fears that make you shake in the night.

Where your humor resides.

What inspires you, and fuels your hunger and dreams.

Show me your shadows, light, and awe.


I want to know who you are.

Beyond what the world sees.

An entertainer is for naught.

I no longer perform, and forsake a mask.

I hope the same of you.


My heart carries fate.

It’s the bearer of my sonnet.

Not that big glob of goo dubbed the human brain.

I implore my heart to share my story with you; not my ‘mindful’ mouth.

I hope the same of you.


Authenticity is key.

Not endless hours of heedless over-thinking and analyzing.

All to become who I think you want me to be.

Gratefully, proudly, stoically I have found my me, inside of me.

I hope the same of you.


If I can’t share me with you, or if my me is not your vision of me; then so it shall be.

After all, if not you and me, then there will be something better.

This I guarantee.

I hope the same for you.

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Excellent and relatable to all sexes!


Melody Jean

Thank you Michele — it’s always good to hear when someone relates. Thank you for sharing!


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