Guns vs. People — A Better World

by Melody Jean

Guns vs. People - A Better World Contemporary SeekerIt’s devastating to see. I am just as taken aback as the next with the state of our world.

Yet, I can’t help but to view America’s debate about gun control as another distraction. To divert mankind from doing the next right thing.

I beg to ask, is this violence new?

The Dawn of Time

Since the beginning of humankind we have been fighting one another. Over race, creed, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs and in more recent years, sexual orientation and just about anything we can think of.

If you don’t believe me, pray tell, pick up a history book. They depict the story. Man has been killing man since the dawn of time.

Sure the means of how it is done has changed (i.e. from bow and arrows during Native American times to guns today.). Yet, has anything transformed or really increasingly become worse?

There are atrocities going on in countries and nations all over the world, and have been since well before the crusades.

Need for Control

Yet, when these massacres are inside these, here, walls in America we crumble and start to advocate.

It’s self-defense in a way – take away guns and we will be okay. It’s our human need for control, we need to stop it, but we don’t know how.

Raising Better People

Personally I’m not sure it matters what happens with guns because I’m not convinced it’s about them. It’s about us.

My dad says raise better people and there will be a better world. I happen to agree. He suggests, start with yourself then join with your family; next your community and so forth.

Love your neighbor like they ARE your family regardless of creed, race, or any other ‘excuse.’ Can we really do this? Can you even imagine a world where we begin to do this one person at a time?

Sounds like a lovely approach, yet how do we get there?

Getting There — A Higher State

I’ve asked him. He assures it’s possible. Dad explains humanity is evolving to a higher state of consciousness. This is both individual and collective – as a race of people.

He offers a lot of writing on completing the inner journey and how to embark upon, and complete your inner quest. Once we are the highest version of self we can in turn help to make our families, communities and the world a better place. Raise better people.

Whether you have children or not is of no matter. It’s all of our responsibility to help raise better people.

Getting There — A Novel Approach?

Is it a novel approach, or just common sense? I’m still learning and grateful for my dad’s writing that helps me better put this into perspective. You can read his work here. Sometimes to his detriment he gives most away for free.

I think it’s his mission to help make the world a better place one person at a time.

An End Note

I will end with this … may all those who lost their lives senselessly in tragedies rest in peace.

And to those suffering unprecedented losses of loved ones, my heart breaks for you, and, truly, mankind as a whole.

I pray for you and us.

And I still hold a candle of hope for humanity. Godspeed.

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