Gut Instinct vs. Fear – Seeing What’s Before You

by Melody Jean

Seeing What’s Before You Contemporary SeekerIt’s really difficult to ascertain the difference between your gut instinct and fear.

Both are real and resilient “feelings.”

Differences or the Unknown vs. Intuition

Sometimes we’re faced with situations that can be utterly daunting due to differences and ‘the unknown.’

If something or someone is unlike what we’re used to, we naturally question, or become skeptical.

I don’t care how ‘open-minded’ one claims to be.

It’s inherently typical to doubt what we don’t know.

So we become hesitant to proceed due to fear.

However, by that same token very similar feelings arise when your intuition tells you “NO! Run! Don’t go there!”

Sometimes you just know instantly something isn’t good for you.

This is intuition.

With that, you also may be reluctant to move forward.

Differentiating the Conundrum

So this is where I often find myself sitting.

Consumed by a mysterious mystery.

Is it fear of dissimilarities and/or the unknown?

Or is it my trusty intuition guiding me?

I like to think my intuition has developed and that this is the force I feel.

Yet, I can’t negate that I have been fear-based in many things.

I am human after all.

Assembling the Puzzle 

When this happens I find myself pursuing said entity; for a while longer anyway.

The reason?

If I’m confused as to the motivating force it sometimes indicates additional time is needed to accurately ascertain what’s transpiring.

That is, whether my ‘feeling’ is based upon fear or intuition.

Even so, I have to remember to pursue the situation in a mindful way.

I do so hoping to avoid attributing my hesitation to fear because it’s more pleasant than the reality of my perception.

Seeing What is Before You

The Sufi’s have a saying that one needs to learn to see what is really before them, not what they want to see.

Much easier said than done – I’m a valid case in point.

I’ve been aware of this notion for many years and I still falter.

Yet, I try again, and again, and evermore so, again, to do just this.

Sometimes it’s about progress, not perfection.

And so it is, and so it shall be.


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