He Who Cares Differs From He Who is Nice

by Melody Jean

He Who Cares Differs from He Who is Nice Contemporary SeekerI’ve come to notice a distinct difference between nice and caring. People often use these terms interchangeably, in conjunction, or stand-alone. Yet, I don’t think that nice necessarily guarantees he or she cares.

Caring, my fellow seekers, is something in and of itself.

What is Nice?

One who is nice is polite, speaks appropriately, works to refrain from causing ill will or intentionally harming others.

What is Caring?

A caring person is of course nice because this is just their nature. Yet they also exude kindness and thoughtfulness. They’re generous, or giving in all that they do.

He or she will do whatever is necessary to ensure those they love, or care about, are comfortable and have what they need. A caring person remembers little things, and is aware of his or her surroundings.

Often they’ll put others before them, yet they’re careful not to neglect themselves. They find importance in their happiness too, after all, it helps to ensure they remain caring. It’s like the mother’s love of a child. I’ve seen this in romantic relationships as well.

It’s Action Time

I’ve always been thankful that I dated nice people. Never have I been treated otherwise. That was always enough. Often times I dismissed those who cared, but I know Mr. Nice. I’ve met him before. He’s a ‘nice’ guy. Yet, caring. Yes, Mr. Caring – he is someone deeper.

My parents have always been nice to each other. However, I realize now that what I mistakenly assumed was ‘nice’ is actually the care that they exude. They’ll do anything for the other. The level that they care about each other, and in turn me, my sister, and others, is just, well, beautiful.

I’ve always wished for what they have. I now realize what has been missing in all of the “nice” relationships that I’ve had. There’s some truth to the old adage “Actions speak louder than words.”

My future pursuits will include those who care. It’s an additional ingredient, an essential ingredient. It’s that simple.

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