Holiday Cheers, Jeers and Woes

by Melody Jean

It’s that time of year again. December.

When everyone is busily bustling about fulfilling endless obligations trying to please everyone near and dear.

I often wonder how much of it’s really enjoyable? Aside from the food especially the sweets my secret pleasure (or not so secret to those who know me) and good company (on some of the occasions); for me it all becomes a bit much.

Not being religious, but enjoying the ‘Christmas feeling’ just the same, every year I find myself slipping and sliding through the process leading up to the big day. I, like many others, am caught up in the physical realities of the apparent world. Many times I think … where did the spirit go?

I wrote this poem back in 2007, which captures my sentiments once again.

To Expect


when I want to be numb


yet I need to forget


when I wish I did not have to


while I want all to remain the same


when I could use an answer


as I crave stillness


when I prefer not to accommodate


all to unfold as I envision

Accepting the new

while shedding the old

Drinking of insatiable desires

I beget greed and go astray

Hoping to awaken

the deeper yearning within

I hear a whisper

but forgive me

I expect a scream

Quite possibly the fault is mine

After all

it’s not the responsibility of silence

to complete this task for me

Perhaps I should listen more closely

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Enjoyed the poem; yes, the holidays can be a bit much . . .


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